Five Special Conditions Treated By A Sports Podiatrist Melbourne

Five Special Conditions Treated By A Sports Podiatrist Melbourne

A podiatrist is a professional in the field of medicine that stresses the treatment of any problems related to the foot, ankle and the lower parts of the human body. A sports podiatrist is well aware of the injuries that can arise during a particular sport. They are also professionals who accompany the athletes and treat them in times of emergencies which may include surgeries too, in worst-case scenarios. Other than this, they also prescribe suitable footwear and exercises for the athletes to minimize any risk of injury.


They keep a close eye on the limb functions by biomechanical assessments and also decide whether a sportsman is fit to participate by judging the stability and alignment of their feet. Sports podiatrist Melbourne work hand in hand with sports physiotherapists to help in the fitness of the sportsmen. They often use a vast range of devices like insoles and specialized orthotics to allow better movement and alignment of the feet of the sportsmen and to provide them with additional support during the times of physical activity. In general, each sportsman has a special sports podiatrist of their own for personal assistant all round the clock.


The Sports Podiatrists Treat a Few Special Conditions that may arise due to regular, hectic physical activity. 

1) Plantar fasciitis: It leads to an inflammation of the arch fascia. This condition arises mainly due to overstretching and can cause extreme pain especially during the first step in the morning. This is seen more in runners and treatment by sports podiatrist Melbourne mainly include the management of the inflammation, reducing the stretching of the tissue and employing orthoses to provide better support to the feet of the sportsman.


2) Ankle Sprain: It is more like a sudden accidental condition that arises to the sudden movement involved in sports such as dodging, twisting of a leg to change direction or spinning. It mainly causes the ligaments in the ankle to stretch and extend drastically to an extent that it may sometimes tear as well. Sports podiatrist Melbourne under such conditions decide upon judging the severity of the injury whether the sportsman is fit to join the sport again. Immediate action always involves strapping the ankle joint to stabilize the feet and provide some local anti-inflammatory medicines that help reduce the swelling. Relief is often provided by taking complete rest and icepacks at intervals. Total recovery is very necessary otherwise the spot becomes a very susceptible spot for sprains in the future.

3) Chondromalacia patella (Runner's knee): This condition arises due to sudden misalignment of the patella in the knee joint while running or jumping, causing the wearing of the cartilage around the knee. This is more common in people who have gait problems. NSAIDs are often given by podiatrists to reduce inflammation caused by the misalignment. In some cases, surgery may be needed. Leg strengthening exercises that help provide support to the patella is a good way of prevention.


4) Achilles tendonitis: It is a condition of inflammation of Achilles tendon they connect the calf muscles to the bones of the heel. Overuse or excessive pronation causes the tendon to get misaligned. Strengthening exercises are a good way of prevention employed by sports podiatrist Melbourne.


5) Shin splints: Running on hard surfaces such as pavements often cause a pain that runs down along the length of the shin. Orthoses are often used by podiatrists to help improve the foot posture. Footwear that provides sufficient cushioning to the feet is often used to prevent this kind of pain.

Sports podiatrist Melbourne provides every means of treatment to minimize the injuries that occur to allow the sportsmen to perform their best.