Finding The Right Dentist Cranbourne

Finding The Right Dentist Cranbourne
Finding The Right Dentist Cranbourne

With too many options to choose from, we often get confused and question if we made the right choice. Likewise with many dentists to choose from how do you know that you have chosen the right one? It is already a nerve-racking experience to visit a dentist and choosing a wrong one will just worsen the experience. To begin with, a good dentist should make the patients comfortable and easy to communicate with.

The Right Dentist Cranbourne

It is indeed difficult to search for a right dentist Cranbourne, the Australian Dental Council (ADC) suggested these:



It is always a good idea to ask friends, family, co-workers or neighbors for their recommendations. This can help in shortlisting and give an idea as to where to start looking from, saving you time and energy.

Need a dentist Cranbourne? Might be a good idea to ask your friends or relatives who are in the area.


Online research:

When looking for a good dentist Cranbourne, online research can help a lot. Read testimonials and reviews for former patients, or current, to determine whether or not the service a certain dentist provides is what you are looking for, especially the nature of the dentist towards his/her patients.

Ask your family doctor or local pharmacist:

Another way of finding a dentist is by asking your family and local pharmacist, as they may have a fair idea of who is good and cost efficient too.

Ask your current dentist:

If you are moving cities, it best you ask your present dentist for recommendations. He/she may have contacts with another dentist in other cities.

And, here are ten things dentists do for their patients that will help you determine if you made the right choice choosing yours.

  1. Good Listener:
    Besides having good physical techniques, a good dentist must also be a good listener and pay close attention to what a patient has to say. Hearing what a client has to say can help in determining the concerns and fear. It also helps in providing treatment that the client is comfortable. Your dentist Cranbourne is not only unreliable but also uninterested in his/her profession if they don’t listen to your problems intently.
  2. Educate the Patients:
    As a patient, you rely on your dentist to educate you regarding oral health, medical issues, habits (good/bad) and treatment options that you aren't aware of. A perfect dentist doesn't hesitate to answer your quires and concerns,
  3. Punctual and Considers Patients Resources:
    Does your dentist often keep you in the waiting room or suggest pricy treatment? Well, if they do consider changing your dentist. A good dentist should be punctual as you are and should recommend treatment according to your budget. In dentistry one size doesn't fit all, likewise in life also every patient is different, and their ability pay also differs. A good dentist always tries to come up with a personalized plan and treatment for each patient.
  4. Clean Office:
    One of the essential traits of a good dentist is cleanliness. A dentist should keep office neat and clean, free of germs. If you see things like used gloves and dirty instruments not stowed away, you might consider changing your dentist. Contaminated examination spreads germs which may end up making you sick. You can also ask if the dentist autoclaves the tools with heat sterilization as most of the bacteria die only with heat.
  5. Doesn't Upsell:
    A good dentist always provides you the services you asked for and should never try to upsell you on products or any other unnecessary treatments you don't require and didn't ask for before to an examination. If a dentist suggests you to get a cap or crown on a broken or decayed tooth, he/she is just trying to upsell; as there is a cheaper way of doing using dental materials available today, one is bonded restoration.
  6. Interaction:
    Getting to know the patient can actually have a greater effect on the quality of treatment received. If your dentist makes an effort to know you more, it can help a lot to provide with care and treatment according to your need and medical history.
  7. Long-Term Relationship:
    If a dentist treats you just like a one-time patient, it is time you find a new one. A good dentist makes an effort to get you as a long-term client by reminding you when it's time for an appointment, scheduling X-rays and recognizing you when you and your family are in the office.
  8. Good Relationship with Staff:
    A good dentist's character can be known from the way he/she treats staff or co-workers. If a dentist shows a kind and attentive nature towards the co-workers, then definitely he/she falls into the category of a good dentist.
  9. Follows Up:
    Some dental procedure take a long time and can be difficult, makes you feel sick for few hours. The best dentist after such procedures follows up to make sure that everything is well with you and there is no hindrance to your recovery.
  10. Values You as a Patient:
    It is good showing professionalism at work but to become a good dentist; it is necessary that you make your patient feel more than just a to-do- list item. Showing interest in the patient's personal life and family, and eager to become a part of their general care team is a character of a good dentist.

What else should a Good Dentist have?

Besides all the above-mentioned traits, here are few more things to consider before choosing a dentist. Make sure you choose a dentist who asks for records of your dental history and also chooses a dentist who uses modern technology like digital X-ray and also checks for oral cancer. As much as possible try not changing your dentist. Selecting a permanent dentist means working with best medical professionals who understand your concern and knows your history as a patient.