Dwelling in an Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars

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Nex was teased in December with the trailer, which stated: "The prophecy foretold of an ancient warriorwho is locked in a prison deep below Trollheim. A force so powerful, so malevolent, four opposing armies united to contain its evil. They named her The Fifth General. She is said to have a stash of artefacts that are powerful and an enchanted seal is the only thing that separates the brave from her devilish wrath."

The day of today (January 5) Nex is unleashed on Old School Runescape after 90 percent of the community members voted for the update. It allows players to team together in clans that range from to 80 to take on the boss. As per the official announcement, Nex may also be fighting on their own in a private arena. The instances are unlockable after completing this Hard Combat Achievements tier, following which you can purchase an instance costing 150,000 GP every entry. The higher Combat Achievement tiers lower this cost.

Dwelling in an Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars Dungeon, Nex can only be explored once players have completed the Desert Treasure quest and a mini-quest to unlock The Frozen Door. This iced-up access point has been in existence since the time that the Dungeon was established, but been locked up, to this point! When inside the Prison, players must crush through a formidable army (featuring Spiritual Warriors, Mages, Rangers, and Blood Reavers) before they can reach Nex her.

The challenge of RS gold defeating Nex can earn players valuable rewards including the Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow and the renowned Torva armour set and more. Every participant in the match can be guaranteed one of a kind item as well as the best players receiving more rewards.