Do You Know These Interesting Things About Pests?

Do You Know These Interesting Things About Pests?

Wondering what goes around those notorious, hideous, monstrous-looking pests? Well, you are at the right place. It has always been said that you gotta be friends with your enemies to combat them. How about today we learn more about some interesting things about pests & best pest control services. Here are some of the most amusing things about pests that do not make them as monstrous as they seem. So, let’s move further with the interesting facts. 

List Of Interesting Things About Pests

  • Bedbugs Are Kinda Like Vampires

Fascinated by vampires? Well, you might have tiny vampires hanging all over your mattress. Do you know that bed bugs completely vanished around the 1950s after WWII? Well, now that they are back. It feels like they have some kind of vengeance on the humans. There is a huge bedbug outbreak that keeps on happening in all the big cities. In fact, hotels and stores are fed up with these tiny monsters. With the help of experts of you can keep rodents away from home & also get rid of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs feed on avian and mammalian blood. Therefore, they are considered vampires. Moreover, they can survive without blood for months. So, just starving them is not helpful in order to remove them. 

  • Bats Pollinate Your Favourite Foods

People only remember bats when Halloween is around. However, these creepy and scary creatures are very essential in order to pollinate your favorite foods. The list of food includes avocados, bananas, and mangoes. So, if you want a world without bats. This means you want a world without bananas, avocados, and mangoes. 

Apart from these delicious foods, there are around 300 other different types that can not be grown without bats. In fact, you might have to say bye to your favorite chocolate if bats ever stopped existing. Yes, they are also responsible for cacao pollination. 

  • Houseflies Feet’s Have Their Taste Buds

Chemonsensilla is a taste receptor of houseflies. Yes, this is true that their taste receptors are in their feet. Therefore, whenever they want to taste your food, they take a walk on your food. Moreover, Interesting Things About Pests, especially flies, is that they can not chew food, so they are always on a liquid diet. However, after they taste the food with their feet, they release some digestive juices which help them break down the food into small pieces. 

This helps them chew the food with their mouth. This process is called a proboscis. Your favorite butterflies also eat in the same manner. However, they are always welcome, unlike houseflies. 

  • Mosquitoes Like Smelly Feet 

Do you mostly have mosquito bites on your feet? Well, this means you got smelly feet. Everybody has smelly feet at some hour of the day. Mosquitoes are attracted to sweaty feet and dirty socks because of their scent. Moreover, mosquitos can not see you. They are just attracted to your smell. So, soaps, smelly feet, perfumes, and deodorants all can attract mosquitoes. 

  • Cockroaches Are Older Than You Think

Everybody knows that roaches were the only living thing that survived a nuclear explosion. This is true. Cockroaches have been existing on this planet for around 200 million years. Well, even dinosaurs couldn’t survive what roaches did. Now, they terrorize your property all the time.

  • Roaches Can Live Without Their Head

Well, there are more cockroach facts that might haunt you. Cockroaches can live around a week without their head attached to their body. Moreover, these stubborn survivors can live without food for a month. If that is not shocking for you, well, they can also survive 2 weeks without any water. Also, if you are unable to catch a roach whenever you spot one. The reason behind this is their six legs. With their tiny little legs, they can run around 2 miles in only an hour. 

  • Scorpions Are Mammals

Scorpions are not like other insects. They do not lay legs; they give birth to live babies. Moreover, they can give birth to up to 100 scorpion babies at a time. When the scorpion babies are born they have a sensitive exoskeleton. Therefore, for the initial 15-20 days, their mother carries them around until their exoskeleton gets hard. 

  • Crickets Use Their Legs To Hear

Yes, it is true crickets have tiny ears in their legs. Not only crickets but katydids, locusts, and grasshoppers, also have ears in their legs. One another interesting fact about crickets is that the male crickets are the chirpy ones. They use their voice to attract female crickets as well as to warn their fellow crickets when they are in danger. 

Also, do you know that you can tell the temperature around you through cricket’s chirps? Yes, they are more chirpy when the weather is warm. To know the exact temperature, count the number of cricket chirps in 15 seconds. Then add the number 37 to it. 

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Although the facts about pests are interesting, they still are the worst guests that are living on your property. Let’s get rid of them right away. Reach out to Max Pest Control Melbourne for pocket-friendly pest extermination services. We provide eco-friendly yet highly efficient bed bug pest control services. So, fight the pests by giving us a call.