Consult a real estate lawyer free of charge

Consult a real estate lawyer free of charge

Consult a real estate lawyer free of charge
Consult a real estate lawyer free of charge

With a free consultation with a lawyer specializing in real estate law, a client receives legal advice and support for his real estate projects (sale, purchase or renting real estate.) At the level of a free legal permanence, the client can obtain information about their rights and obligations.

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What is a free legal permanence?
The purpose of a legal permanence is to inform the public about their rights in real estate project. The professional gives legal advice to clients during this free consultation . During an appointment, the client must bring certain parts so that the counselor understands the situation to be able to provide personalized advice. It should be noted that free legal assistance is provided for in certain insurance contracts. In addition, one can find a free legal permanence at the level of several organizations like the town halls, the courts or the union premises. For information, making an appointment with the Palais de Justice in Paris is not necessary.

Legal advisers
The professional who gives legal advice can not necessarily be a lawyer. He can be a student lawyer, a bailiff or an attorney. It is also not uncommon to meet law professors. At the House of Justice and Law, it is possible to ask which professional we want to consult. In any case, we note that free legal advice from a real estate professional remains brief. Indeed, specialists usually give general advice and not specific to the client's case. As a result, it is essential to have recourse to the help of a specialized professional who offers paid services, especially if the case is quite complex.

Free consultation modes
There are several ways to receive free legal advice . Some of the best known include free telephone consultation, free online consultation and free press consultation.

Why ask for a real estate lawyer?

A real estate attorney is a very useful ally to those who wish to avoid inconvenience with real estate issues. This expert accompanies clients in the search for solutions thanks to his skills in the field of land. The role of the lawyer is to defend the interests of his clients.

Lawyer specializing in urban planning law

The peculiarity of a lawyer in urban planning law is that the expert must master a good knowledge of administrative law. This area of ​​intervention generally concerns the challenge or defense of building permits as well as the drafting of prior declarations.

Termination of the lease

The breach of a lease is strictly regulated by law. As for the commercial lease, its minimum duration is 9 years. The termination of the commercial lease can be done at any time during a breach of contractual obligations. The lessor who wishes to play the clause resolutory must send the tenant a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt enjoining him to regularize his situation.

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