Commercial Cleaning Check list - Must know!

Commercial Cleaning Check list - Must know!

If you want to keep the commercial space clean, it is necessary to have a checklist ready to improve the cleaning task and make the area free from germs. Moreover, you need to pay attention to the smallest details to ensure cleanliness in the commercial space. You can appoint professional services for commercial cleaning Hallam or ask you in house staff to complete the task properly. 

Read the following to know how to make commercial cleaning easy with the help of the following checklist.

Cleaning the kitchen 

To ensure that the kitchen in a commercial space remains free from germs, you need to sanitise the area properly. Apart from this, it is necessary to make the area free from potential health hazards. The cleanliness of commercial space is one of the vital aspects you need to check to prevent legal issues as well. 

  1. Mopping the kitchen floor with good disinfectant solutions and storing sanitizers and soaps in the washing area.
  2. Daily removal of trash and cleaning exhaust fans is necessary.
  3. Cleaning the countertop with disinfectant and cleaning the kitchen sink regularly.
  4. Cleaning the eating area and throwing away stale food.
  5. Cleaning the kitchen appliances and dirty dishes is also essential.

Cleaning the cubicles

Cleaning the cubicles of office space is vital as employees stick around this place most of the time. For dirty rugs and carpets, you may require professional carpet steam cleaning Dandenong for the best outcome.

  1. Dusting the cabinets, shelves, and all the hard surfaces.
  2. Keeping the computer, keyboards, monitors, and other electronic equipment free from dust.
  3. Emptying the trash bins in the cubicles, wiping them properly, and replacing the liners.
  4. Collecting mugs and plates from different cubicles and putting them back in the kitchen.
  5. Cleaning all the glass surfaces, including the window panes.
  6. Applying disinfectant on the arms of chairs, including the phone on the desk.
  7. Cleaning the dust from HVAC vents.

Daily cleaning task 

There is a stream of daily cleaning tasks that are essential for commercial places.

  1. Cleaning and disinfecting the bathrooms along with the toilets.
  2. Wiping the doors, handles, towel dispenser, and the outer part of the switches.
  3. Sweeping and mopping the floors of bathrooms.
  4. Cleaning all the general spaces and the drinking fountains.
  5. Cleaning the window seals and glass doors.

Cleaning the restroom

The restroom is one of those areas where germs breed frequently. Therefore, you must pay special attention to the cleanliness of this area.

  1. Removing garbage from the restrooms.
  2. Keeping towels, toilet paper, and tissues in the stock.
  3. Cleaning the urinals and toilets.
  4. Cleaning and sanitisation of the sink.
  5. Reporting plumbing or leaking problems before they worsen.
  6. Placing the hand showers properly for spraying after using the toilet.
  7. Making the floor of restroom dry.
  8. Deploying multiple trash bins in different areas.

The final word 

You should cross-check the commercial cleaning work to ensure that the tasks do not mingle with each other. You have to note the details of cleaning carefully before completing the cleaning task. Depp cleaning is essential for carpets, HVAC vents, public areas, and the cabinets and closets. If you own a commercial space, you need to ensure that it stays clean all the time and appoint cleaning services to remove the trash.