How to Choose the Splashback Colour for Your Kitchen?

In this article, we’ll help you to identify the splashback colour that will suit your kitchen or bathroom decor.

How to Choose the Splashback Colour for Your Kitchen?

Well, coloured and printed glass splashbacks serve a variety of purposes in your kitchen and/or bathroom - they shield your walls from getting damaged and make cleaning up easier especially, after cooking, as well as, lend aesthetic qualities. However, before making your purchase, you need to consider how they will look in your home. In this article, we’ll help you to identify the splashback colour that will suit your kitchen or bathroom decor.

How to Pick the Colour for Your Splashback

There are many ways you can choose the colour for the splashback; however, they are dependent on certain factors and the situation you’re currently in with your existing space.

Choose Your Cherished Colour

One of the simplest ways to decide a colour is to go with your preferred colour, so you just need to select the shade. This is an excellent way of selecting a splashback, as you can’t go wrong with your cherished colour. As a focal part of the room, it’s always going to pull your attention. Therefore, the colour you love gazing at the most would be the right choice to pick. Alternatively, you can also select a colour that is a complete contrast, which can be equally effective and give a different ambience to the atmosphere.

Pick a Harmonising Colour for Your Room

Choosing a harmonising splashback colour is an excellent way of integrating your splashback into an existing room whether it is your kitchen, bathroom or any other room. That doesn’t mean you have to choose a colour that is already present in your room. You can choose a different colour that harmonises the space augmenting the ocular looks. For instance: let’s assume your kitchen walls are white – here you can select red, blue, green or black splashback.

  • Selecting black splashback will give a classic look and feel whereas, if you select the other colours, it will give a modern look but with different aesthetic appeal.
  • Installing green splashback will give an environmentally-friendly greenish ambience.
  • While installing blue splashback, it will give a serene feeling like the peaceful blue sky.
  • And if you install red splashback, it will give a more sophisticated ambience.

Transform It into a Feature Wall

These days, you get bright and bold colours in splashback, which provides you with an opportunity to transform your splashback from something purposeful into the centrepiece of your kitchen or bathroom. This is a fantastic choice particularly for kitchens having neutral tones. Traditional kitchens never saw bold colours because cupboards and walls, by and large, got different shades of white; lately, black and grey colours have gained huge popularity. Nonetheless, this opportunity can be used to transform your kitchen or bathroom interiors. Go ahead and give a bold and bright or peaceful or stylish look to your kitchen, bathroom or any other room.

Why Pick Mirrored Splashback

If you’re finding it hard to choose a colour for the splashback, then a toughened mirrored splashback might be an opportunity to unearth. If you’re happy with the existing look of your kitchen, then installing mirrored splashback won’t disturb the colour harmony.

Many people are worried about harming the look of their kitchen when they add a coloured splashback – here, a mirrored splashback can come to your rescue and save you from this problem.

This is also a great addition for those who have a small or compact kitchen. The mirror is known to provide a false impression of space in a room. This makes a mirrored splashback an excellent choice for those who are thinking of making enhancements to a house right before selling it.

The Bottom Line

Well, you can boost the decor of your kitchen, bathroom or any other room with black or white kitchen splashback, or any other coloured splashback, as well as, with the more sophisticated mirrored splashback. Splashback will certainly lift the overall visual appeal of the room and you’ll love spending time in your kitchen or bathroom.