Chinning in the Thunnels 2 OSRS Range Training

You'll need to wear Void to RuneScape gold ensure precision. Alternatively, equip your best-tiered Runescape ranged armor or use the best range gear OSRS provides. As for the ranger gloves, OSRS offers OSRS ranger gloves and ranger boots OSRS found in middle clue caskets.

Inventory OSRS Range Training


4 Range Potions

1 Stamina Potion

1 Super Antipoison

1 Teleport Tab

21 Prayer Potions

What can you do?

Take a glider ride to Ape Atoll. Once you land, run west to the underground dungeon. Follow it by sprinting north down the maze-like tunnel. You'll soon encounter an entire group of small skeletal monkeys in the room. With your chinchompas furry (short fuse) Start throwing. As you throw, you'll observe increasing numbers of apes emerge at the bone piles. Don't fret! Here's how... You can just stand at the southern end of the pile under the rocky overhang. Make them into a bundle by attacking one of the monkeys in the middle. Once you see bones pile up, run two diagonal squares east of north. This lets them spawn with ease (run between the two squares to increase the monkey's numbers). Chinchampas possess a unique 3x3 explosion radius, you'll practically replicate the Robin Hood experience himself. Pulling in 300k+ an hour at the level of 75. Plus 350k+ by level 90. Be sure to pray melee, and drink your prayer tinctures. Imagine how fast you'll be able to finish slayer tasks, stakers and wilderness bosses. These training methods for ranged p2p offer perks, aren't they?

Cheering in the Tunnels (Part II)

Chinning in the Thunnels 2 OSRS Range Training


Monkey Madness 2

There you go. Old School Runescape's most effective practice for ranged training. It tests the capabilities of the most daring adventurers today. What exactly is it? The location is hidden behind the legendary quest line. Quests that will quickly test your strength. Challenges that improve your abilities. Quests that let you compete against the real world of apes. What's appealing? A course in Kruks Dungeon may grant you the 950k+ range of experience per hour!

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