Canvas Prints vs. Metal Prints: Which One To Choose

Getting custom canvas prints or metal prints for your walls to give them a fresh look is another common way to decorate your home.

Even if the house is vintage, everybody looks for a certain level of home décor. Everything you want to do is find the most beautiful designs for your home and decorate them to the point that everybody enjoys them. You can decorate your home in a variety of ways, such as by purchasing new furniture, having your house decorated, or changing the layout of your home.

Getting custom canvas prints or metal prints for your walls to give them a fresh look is another common way to decorate your home. People always opt for new wallpapers or wall paint, but canvas prints or metal prints are a new rage, and they can both beautify and enhance the beauty of your home. 

Now that you can decorate your home with wall art, do you know which one to choose? Let's delve into the difference between canvas prints and metal prints. 

How Canvas Prints and Metal Prints Are Made

Metal Prints

Metal prints are usually made from aluminum sheets, and dye sublimation is the method used to create metal prints. Rather than printing directly on the paper, which can easily be damaged, dye sublimation infuses the image directly into the special hard coating, providing long-lasting durability and safety.

Metal prints have outstanding durability also. The scratch-resistant surface coating is extremely tough. If you unintentionally get dirt on them, they're also simple to wipe clean. Metal prints are extremely cost-effective but are typically more costly than canvas prints. Since metal photo prints do not need framing, you can save a lot of money on framing costs, which are sometimes far higher than the cost of the print.

Because of their streamlined appearance and vivid color, metal prints seem to look best in modern spaces.

Canvas Prints

Hemp is used to making canvas, which is a sturdy and long-lasting cloth. Cotton and linen have largely replaced hemp in modern times. The majority of canvas prints for your home are made of cotton or polyester. The color precision is the key difference between the two. Canvas prints, unlike metal prints, are not scratch-resistant. They are also not waterproof, and they are more difficult to clean. When it comes to price, canvas prints are generally less expensive than metal prints.

Canvas prints, especially custom prints, are more aesthetic that works well in both homes and businesses. In the printing world, a digital custom canvas print gives a high contrast level that is perfect for achieving your image's look.  

What's Special Between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints

Like a hand-painted canvas, Canvas Prints are ideal companions for portraits of muted color palettes and subtle pictures. You can even get custom wall art by just sending the image or design you want. They can also save the treasured yet slightly low-resolution picture you want to use as a focal point on your mantle. 

If you have landscapes, sunsets, or other pictures where you want the color to pop, Metal Prints are the way to go. High-resolution images of metal have a lot of vibrancy, contrast, and sharp edges. On the other hand, Metal Prints are ideal for black-and-white images, improving the contrast between light and dark. Metal Prints finish high when the devil is in the details.

Pros & Cons: Canvas Prints vs. Metal Prints

In terms of longevity, Metal Prints come out on top. Scratch-resistant, waterproof, and dust-resistant, they're easy to clean. They also provide low-profile mounting options, which may be required in high-traffic areas. Metal Prints are considerably heavier than their canvas equivalent of the same size as a trade-off for all of this power and versatility.

Furthermore, due to material costs, Metal Prints are usually more costly than Canvas Prints. While this might not be an issue if you're looking for a single piece, it may be a problem if you're planning a wall display with several pictures.

Canvas Prints are the popular wall art that produces outstanding results with a wide range of images and provides greater display flexibility. Their texture gives every picture a hand-painted appearance, which helps to mask minor flaws.

They're ready to hang right out of the box, and since they're so light, they usually only need a nail to secure them to your wall. Canvas Prints are a cost-effective way to build a gallery wall, and they are an inexpensive option for your artwork.

Your Canvas Prints are designed to last if properly cared for. They are, however, less robust than metal equivalents. Scratches, punctures, water damage, and fading are all more likely on canvas. Its textured surface is more difficult to clean than a Metal Print, and Canvas Prints don't do well in high-humidity conditions.


Choosing the wall art you want for your home depends on the picture and style you want to achieve. Take your time choosing between Canvas Prints and Metal Prints, and you'll be pleased with the results for several years.