call transcription

Call transcription

Our professional conversations are more important than we think. Therefore, to save them and to take notes of these conversations either on phone calls or in the boardroom, companies avail services of call transcription services providers. Let’s dig into what is call transcription and how beneficial it is for my conversations.

What is Call transcription?

Transcription is the name of this amazing service of converting your audio and video files into text documents. These text documents in turn can serve for various purposes. Call transcription however specifically refers to the transcription of your recorded or live phone calls.

How is call transcription done?

Call transcription is achieved by two ways. Human transcription and automated transcription. Human call transcription is the orthodox way of transcription where a transcriptionist will listen to your live or recorded audio call and transcribe it word by word whereas the automated call transcription is the recent development in this field where software’s empowered by artificial intelligence are used for the transcription of your live or recorded phone calls.

Benefits of Call Transcription:

Call transcription offers many benefits, let’s look into some of them:


  • Call transcription is widely used in legal proceedings and court matters as a source of written evidence of conversations.
  • Call transcription is also very popular in the realm of research where the call transcription of conversations is used for various researches such as language study, psychological behaviors of individuals etc.
  • Those who have experience of working in call centers know that call transcription is very common there. These text files are referred for self-improvement which helps call center agents to level up their skills.
  • Call transcription is also used for the noble cause of making communication possible for those with deafness by facilitating them with the text file of conversations they can read.

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