Best Places to Start a Family in Virginia

When people search for the states convenient for raising children, they often choose Victoria. Learn more about the reasons for such a decision and find out what the best places to start a family in Virginia are.

Best Places to Start a Family in Virginia
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People from all parts of the USA often move to Virginia when they decide it is time to start a family. The state boasts amazing natural landscapes, cultural diversity, temperate climate, and many other qualities that people with kids find attractive. They usually look for places with low crime rates, moderate cost of living, a good education system, and family-friendly amenities. Based on all those criteria, we have made a list of the best places to start a family in Virginia. Read on and find out which place is the one that ticks all the boxes for you and your family.

Falls Church

Are you looking for a place to raise a family and remain close to the D.C. metro area? Look no more 'cause Falls Church is the perfect place for you.

The number of people residing in Falls Church is a bit above 14,000 and they enjoy their average salary of $120,500. No wonder Falls Church has the lowest poverty level in the US. Consequently, the city has a low crime rate which makes it perfect for families with children.

Needless to say, Falls Church has some of the best schools in the USA. The whole of Virginia is famous for its extraordinary public education and that is why young families flock to the state. The percentage of households with kids in Falls Church is 35.

But, everything has its price. If you are thinking of moving to Falls Church, before contacting professional movers such as, you need to know that the median home value is somewhere around $720,000.


In Williamsburg, every fifth household has a child younger than 18. Even though the number of families is lower than in Falls Church, that doesn't mean that the city is less attractive to people starting a family.

The schools are just as good while the median value of a house is half the price you would have to pay in Falls Church. The population of Williamsburg is around 15,000.

The entertainment options are something that makes this place even more interesting for people with children. The amusement park called Busch Gardens is a great place for family weekends while Williamsburg Premium Outlets attract shoppers from the entire region.


Arlington definitely deserves a place on our list of best places to start a family in Virginia. The city is conveniently located on the border between Virginia and Washington. That makes it a paradise for commuters.

Arlington is a city of great diversity. People from different continents often move with families to the city. It has more than 223,000 residents who are ready to set aside $1,830 for rent (on average) or a bit over $605,000 for purchasing a home. The costs of living might be too high, but the average salary of $105,750 should be enough for comfortable living in Arlington.

Top schools and low crime rates are a deal-maker for people starting a family. But, Arlington offers so much more. The nightlife is what the city is also famous for. Young parents surely don't mind that aspect. There is also an abundance of outdoor activities - if you are a fan of golf or Jet Ski, you have found yourself a future hometown!

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is one of the densely populated places in Virginia. Did you know that almost 450,000 people call Virginia Beach home? So, what is it that makes living in this place so attractive?

The costs of living in Virginia Beach are surprisingly low. The median home price is a bit above $250,000, while $1,200 is what you need to pay the rent here.

Even though this is a large city and a popular tourist destination, Virginia Beach is very safe. Along with cheap living, great education, low crime rates, and breath-taking beaches, here are some more attractions the city offers:

  • the Maritime Museum - you can explore rare figureheads, handcrafted ship models, and so much more;
  • Mount Trashmore - landfill turned into 2 man-made mountains with lakes and countless amenities - picnic shelters with charcoal grills, playgrounds, skate parks, volleyball courts, etc.
  • the Virginia Aquarium - one of the reasons Virginia Beach is one of the best places to start a family in Virginia.
  • the Boardwalk (National Geographic ranked it one of the “Top Ten Boardwalks in America”) - whether you would like to take your family to surf, swim, build sandcastles, or ride bikes - the Boardwalk is a place to be. There are many other types of affordable or free entertainment here.



If you would like to find a place with a small-town appeal and access to pretty much everything, then Vienna might be your future hometown. The place that has a population of 16,000 people can be considered a suburb of Washington D. C. It is a great destination for people moving from NYC for work since they can still have all the conveniences of the big city they are used to in NYC, and yet live in suburbs. The average income is rather high and reaches $140,000, but the cost of living follows suit - the median home value is around $640,000.

The percentage of households with kids is as high as 41! Naturally, there are many family-friendly amenities to be found in the town. Vienna is also famous for its restaurants.

Bon Air

Bon Air is one of the places where you get good value for your money. It is a small town with 17,000 residents who live in homes evocative of Victorian architecture (the town was made as a resort community in the 19th century). The worth of the homes is around $213,000.

GreatSchools ranked the education facilities in Bon Air with 9, which means that the schools here are some of the best in the entire country.

Low incidence of crime is also something that the residents of Bon Air are proud of.


Those were some of the best places to start a family in Virginia. Whichever you chose, you can rest assured that your family is safe and your kids have access to the best public education in the US.