Best places to live in Canton, MI

If you are planning to find a home in the beautiful township of Canton, you're in luck. This article will cover the best places to live in Canton, MI.

Best places to live in Canton, MI
A large house in one of the best places to live in Canton, MI.

Canton is a beautiful township with plenty to offer between Detroit and Ann Arbor. It has lovely parks, offers plenty of recreational activities, quality schools, and many convenient shopping options. Furthermore, the population is diverse, with friendly and pleasant people all around the place. And besides its beauty, it's still one of the fastest-growing communities in the southeastern part of Michigan. Overall, among the safest cities in the US, you will find some of the best places to live in Canton, MI.

What are the best places to live in Canton, MI

Even though Cherry Hill Village is probably one of the first things that come to mind, Canton has many other places that deserve to be mentioned. Simply put, they are all unique in a way and have something specific to offer. Anyone considering moving here should take the time to get the know the whole place and inspect homes before making the decision. To help you explore the area better, here is a list of some of the best places to live in Canton, MI:


  • Cherry Hill Village
  • Mc Intyre Gardens
  • Glengarry Village
  • Hampton Ridge North
  • Stratford Park community
  • Westridge Estates

Cherry hill village

No list of the best places to live is complete without Cherry Hill Village. This charming neighborhood is attracting young families with beautiful homes and surroundings. Located on the Cherry Hill and Ridge Road area, it offers pretty appealing homes and amenities, interesting outdoor events, and an amicable atmosphere. If you are considering moving to Canton, professionals from the area will gladly help you settle in a new home after the long-distance move. Housing prices in this area range from $120,000 - $500,000.

Mc Intyre Gardens

For those looking for more affordable options, Mc Intyre Gardens may be the right option. With housing prices between $100,000 and $290,000, this picturesque neighborhood can be the perfect place. Even though some houses were built as early as 1977, they rarely require home improvements because the quality and feel they provide are astonishing. Within walking distance, you will find a park - the center of activities for people in this area and numerous nature trails, playgrounds, and sports fields. Despite its relatively small size, Mc Intyre Gardens has a surprising number of fine restaurants and fast-food chains.

An older white house surrounded by trees.

Glengarry Village

East of Canton Center Road, you can find a quiet neighborhood of Glengarry Village. Probably the most distinct characteristics of this fine neighborhood are flawlessly maintained homes. Most of them offer perfect privacy without affecting the view of a magnificent landscape. That's why those who wish to move to a calm and undisturbing place will find Glengarry Village quite appealing. In addition, just a mile away, you can enjoy wonderful restaurants and pizza places. Or, you can enjoy long walks through Heritage Park and admire the incredible nature. In general, housing prices range between $214,000 and $360,000. On top of that, you can easily find local professionals such as Verified Movers that can help you settle down in a fast and efficient manner.

Hampton Ridge North

For those who are looking for the most spacious options, Hampton Ridge North has plenty to offer. Of course, the luxury of additional space comes at a price. For housing options that range between 3,700 - 5,335 sq ft, you will usually have to pay from $500,000 to $675,000. The community lies just off Ann Arbor Road and offers a breathtaking landscape and view of rolling hills, fascinating vegetation, and a charming waterway. Given these points, it's no wonder this place is often referred to as The Jewel Of Canton.

Stratford Park community

North of Warren Road and west of Beck Road, you will find a mature community of Stratford Park. Most homes in this nice suburban neighborhood were built between 1996 and 1997. But, despite their age, you will find some of the best households nestled in this fascinating green area. Those who move here can enjoy exceptional sightings of nature while enjoying being proud owners of some of the most spacious yards. In addition, homeowners have an opportunity to further upgrade their outdoors with convenient furniture or even build a smaller pool. If you plan to settle down in this neighborhood, you can expect a home price between $300,000 and $600,000.

A smaller pool in a backyard of a large white house.

Westridge Estates

As the name implies, you can find this community west of Ridge Road and a bit south of Ford Road. It's a perfect option for future residents who want modern and relatively new construction. In general, homes in this neighborhood feature spacious home designs that offer numerous personalization options and resort-like amenities. And, just a short walk away, you can find everything from various grocery stores and restaurants to theaters and banks. Given the luxurious nature of the community, homeowners have easy access to a fitness center, outdoor pool, sports courts, park, and excellent walking trails. The only downside is the relatively high cost of housing for a family-friendly community that ranges from as low as $440,000 to as high as $900,000.

Even though Canton, MI was once almost entirely farmland, today is one of the best places to live. In general, it has a lot to offer to anyone who wishes to stay in a friendly and beautiful place. 

A large, modern kitchen in a house.

Of course, not all neighborhoods are the same, but some of the best places to live in Canton, MI, are listed above. Here, you can find everything from affordable to highly luxurious housing options. In addition, everything is carefully constructed and maintained to keep the beauty of the surrounding nature preserved. And, at the same time, to provide residents with modern features rarely seen in combinations with such fantastic scenery.