Before even thinking of undertaking special missions

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Because Lost Ark being a fantasy MMO with a focus on player engaged, completing daily tasks and collecting resources over a period of time can be an overwhelming task Lost Ark Gold. Therefore, it's in the player's best interest to become familiar with the dispatch mission feature. Unlocked when the player first gets a stronghold in Lost Ark, dispatch missions require only an additional ship and a skilled crew to set out to gather resources on the player's behalf.

However, the default stronghold isn't equipped with special missions, as those subsets of missions only be obtained by leveling the stronghold, as well as the player character, and completing a few quests toward the end of the main game. However, in order to keep things simple players must complete the game by reaching level 50, upgrading the stronghold, and then triggering an unspecified quest.

Before even thinking of undertaking special missions, players need to gain entry to the stronghold in Lost Ark. This is done as the player progresses through the main storyline, and then completes the quest dubbed "Eadalin's Gift." The stronghold has a dispatch station that players may use to send ships out on missions for a specific period of real-world time.

Assuming the player has an available ship and crew, normal missions will be available immediately for potential deployment. However, special missions are different as they are only meant to add content to the game's endgame. They require the player to take on the chaos aura and collect souls if they want to give one away.

However, these missions aren't available immediately in Lost Ark. Instead, players have to improve their strongholds to minimum level 2 and attain level 50 on their character. It is around that time players should head over to an NPC known as Vern assist them around a city, and unlock some roster-based missions Buy Lost Ark Gold. The roster missions are then going to let the player discover the very first Chaos Dungeon, where players can earn Harmony Shards in Lost Ark.