Bed Bug Pest Control Experts Debunks The Common Myths Regarding Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Pest Control Experts Debunks The Common Myths Regarding Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects that feed on human blood. These types of insects usually bite at night, which results in rashes, an allergic reaction, or psychological effects. It can also lead to changes in the skin like redness or blisters. Such insects are usually found in mattress linings, cracks, and crevices of the walls or furniture. Although they do not spread diseases, they do feed on blood, and it is not easy to get rid of them either. It is usually best to contact bed bug pest control in Sydney  to get rid of them.

They can spread throughout the house in the bedroom, living room, and other places of the house. They can also crawl into neighboring houses, especially if living in an apartment. However, there are several myths about bed bugs that homeowners should be aware of, as explained in this article.

Common Myths About Bed Bugs

  • Foam mattress deters bed bugs: Many people tend to believe that by investing in a foam mattress they are safe from bed bugs since these insects find it hard to infest such mattresses. This is not true, since the insects can still infest the furniture or walls and find their way to the bed.
  • Dispose of all items to get rid of these insects: It is not necessary to dispose of all your expensive furniture or electronic appliances to get rid of bed bugs; It best to call in professionals to get rid of the infestation professionally.
  • Bed Bugs are easy to get rid of: Getting rid of bed bugs is not an easy task since they tend to hide in the strangest places making it hard to exterminate. The professional pest control people have the expertise to do this and use the right technique to get rid of them. It would usually involve a quick inspection followed by an initial treatment and several other visits to monitor progress as well as taking appropriate actions.
  • Bedbugs fly and reproduce fast: These insects do not have wings hence cannot fly and neither do they multiply fast. For example, they can lay one egg per day, while a housefly can lay over 500 eggs over four days. Besides which the egg from a bedbug will take ten days to hatch and up to 6 weeks to develop into an adult.
  • Bedbugs bite only at night: This type of insect is believed to be nocturnal; however, it is not true that they only bite at night. People who tend to sleep during the day and work at night are equally at risk of being bitten by bedbugs since they adapt to the sleeping patterns of the people.
  • They are attracted to unsanitary conditions: Bed bugs are not attracted to filth or dirt; instead are more attracted to warmth, cracks, and crevices.
  • Bed bugs transmit disease: This is not true; they do not transmit any diseases. However r, they do bite and draw blood which would result in anxiety, sleeplessness, and skin rashes.
  • Bed bug pesticides are a quick solution to bed bugs: Spraying pesticides will not deter the bed bugs which tend to crawl into the deep cracks and crevices of furniture, walls, and mattresses. It is best to trust a professional pest control firm with this job.
  • It is hard to spot a bed bug: Although bedbugs are tiny; it is not impossible to spot them. They are 1 to 7 mm in size and usually black hence easy to spot.

Bed bugs are quite common, and they are hard to get rid of; There are also several myths of bed bugs spreading around that one should not believe in. Professional Pest Control Fortitude Valley services can help with bed bug control since when it comes to exterminating such insects, they have the skills, necessary resources, and use the right technique to remove them.