Attach fruit bowl for enriching experience at a shisha bar

Your shisha bar experience is delightful if you use the shisha fruit bowl. Bring creativity by learning practical methods. Refer here

Attach fruit bowl for enriching experience at a shisha bar

Bring creativity by cutting fruit into the shape of a hookah bowl and attaching it to a hookah pipe at the shisha bar. It is a delightful experience with you and your friends taking turns while smoking. Hookah's taste is refreshing and goes a long way if you try with different fruits.

Shisha fruit bowl - What is it about

The fruit bowl is also known as a hookah fresh or fruit head. It comprises cutting fruit into the shape of a hookah bowl. Fill it with your preferred shisha flavours.

With the fruit evenly cut to fit in it, you can slice it in any design or shape you want. Get imaginative with each passing day, experimenting on various flavours can help you decide your preferred one.

Many enthusiasts can make a fruit bowl with its exterior used as structural support. Its soft interior, on the other hand, can be carved into a bowl shape.

Preparation of A Hookah Bowl from A Fruit

Plan carefully. How to make a bowl out of fruit? It is one of the easiest-made bowls. Listed below are some steps

Step 1: Remove actual core from fruit

Like the normal fruit, you have to remove the actual core. It is best to do it. Use the fruit core as designed so that you can remove the core.

Step 2: Slice the top portion

The very first step is to cut off its top portion.

Step 3: Scoop out the fruit flesh

Both kitchen knife and teaspoon help carve the inside portion of the fruit to create a bowl shape. Leave a wall thickness of 1 cm.

Step 4: Inside portion has to be dry

As a hookah parlours’ hookah maker, you do not want to wet the bowl. You dislike mixing fruit juice with hookah tobacco. Always use a paper towel to absorb if there is a spillover of juice.

Step 5: Use aluminum foil to the line fruit base

Stop shisha mix from falling down the large hole formed by a fruit corer. Line its base with a small square of aluminum foil large enough to cover the large hole. Make sure not to leave it. Pierce the aluminum foil placed over the bowl a few times through a toothpick so that hookah smoke can pass.

Step 6: In place of the regular bowl, fit the bowl to shisha pipe

Shisha hole through fruit corer has to be of perfect diameter. Place it down and rotate it until it is seated to create an appropriate seal. If the bowl is very loose, wrap a paper towel layer around the stem. Test it again and repeat the entire process until forming a proper seal.

Step 7: Use shisha tobacco to pack the bowl

Time to pack the bowl with shisha mix or tobacco flavour. All you need to do is experiment with several hookah bowls.

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