A Student Friendly Guide To Informal Letter Writing Assignments

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One of the oldest methods of communication, informal letters writing is on the verge of becoming a relic of the past. However, it remains an integral part of most English grammar and composition assignments.

This article acts as a quick informal English letter assignment help guide for writing a great informal letter to a close friend.

What is an informal letter?

As the name suggests, informal letters are personal letters of correspondence amongst close acquaintances such as friends or relatives. Given their informal and personal nature, these letters exude warmth and a sense of attachment. Informal letters can be personal correspondences, thank you letters, letters of congratulatory praise or letters of condolence.

The age-old sentimentality of letter writing is still intact amongst a wider demographic and transcends all other means of communication. The structure, outline or formatting of most informal letters are similar to their formal counterparts. The primary differences lie in the tone and style.

While there is no hard & fast rule to writing informal letters, there are certain conventions that need to be followed.  Let us take a look at the general convention of writing informal letters.

The General Outline of an Informal Letter

  1. The Address and The Date

Many think that the address written at the beginning of a letter, often near its top left corner, is not that important. Well, unless the person you are writing to knows you well and remembers your address, then then it is better to add it to your content. Remember that, this is the address that your recipient needs to reply back.

After adding the address, leave a line and add the date.

2. Salutations

The most common salutations in informal letters are “Dear..” or “ My Dear..”. In extremely informal cases, greetings such as “Hi..” or “Hey..” are used. Use the most appropriate salutations for greeting the person you are writing to.

While writing to a friend, the most commonly used salutation is often “Hey..”

3. Body

Here are some points to keep in mind while writing an informal letter for your English assignment help. They will help you avoid the most common mistakes & misconceptions and help you perfect the content.

  • Use indented paragraphs if you write letters by hand. But, if you are using a computer, then indentation is unnecessary and you can write like the way the paragraphs of this article have been written.
  • Informal writing means informal language and casual language. Try to be as friendly as possible but know where to draw the line. Do not go overly informal and never use any abusive language. Many writers tend to write things they would not normally say in person.
  • Remember to be respectful while being informal. Try to visualize or picture the person you are writing to and write accordingly.
  • Use conversational language in your content. You can use colloquialism, that is, language appropriate for speech but not for formal writing.And, always come across as amiable as possible.
  • No matter how informal you get, do not ignore spellings and punctuation. Wrong spelling and misplaced punctuation tend to distract readers and reflect poorly upon the writer. The quality of a letter speaks volumes about its writer.
  • Be consistent in your style, voice and sentence structure. Use active voice to make your letter sound more conversational & interesting. That does not mean that you will avoid the passive voice altogether, just don’t make abrupt voice changes. Also, stick to particular tense in a particular sentence.
  • Ask questions and inquire about the health & well-being of the person and his/her close ones. Questions can act as a great motivation for the recipient to send a quick & proper reply.

Well, that rounds up this little guide to informal letter writing. Follow it closely and ace all your English informal letter assignment without any help. All the best!