Top Clothing Fashion Trends To Wear In 2022

This year be stylish and funky. Go with the flow of fashion trends that are going to rock this year.

Top Clothing Fashion Trends To Wear In 2022

As you may see, 2021 was all about pink, logo-mania, color blocking, and the hot goth trend, but did you know that with what trend 2022 is coming onwards. According to most fashion experts, this year is bringing sexy back fashion. In addition, the lockdown is going to end soon, so this year is about dressing accordingly. 

So hopefully, there will also rise in the fashion of micro miniskirts, sky-high heels, and glitzy top. Maybe most people are looking to know about an upcoming or ongoing trend in 2022. All the latest trendy dresses below are available at Petal And Pup at very reasonable prices. Still, you can also use Petal And Pup discount code Australia to save some more cash.

Therefore, to help people opt for the best, here is a short guide on top fashion trends to wear in 2022. Interested in knowing about the latest fashion trends? Then continue reading below.

1- Beaded Embellishment 

Best beaded embellishment dress: Ewald dress

Elevate your ordinary outfit to something fabulous with dots in abundance.This trend is perfect for those who want to explore the feelings of regality without commitment. 

How to style it

  • The best way to style it is to pair an encrusted mini dress with stockings and chunky boots for a 70's punk vibe. Or you can also keep it casual with the help of an oversized puffer coat. 
  • In addition, to add more charm to your look, you can add decoration to the jacket, your favorite jeans, or a blouse as well.
  • One of my experienced way is to mix it up with different layers for a year-round look, so it will definitely give you a unique and beautiful look.

2- Power suit

Best power suit of this year: Benson blazer

This year everything will be new, especially for women, because women empowerment is the most ongoing topic of the year. So this year, the power suit for women is the center of fashion. The power suits are colorful, beautiful, high-quality fabrics and bold designs. In addition, as the more modern women are moving forward into the leadership space. Since the pandemic and are focusing on expanding their business, they wish to look more professional while doing such. That's why most women are opting for a power suit.

How to style it

  • Experiment with a variety of colors to get the perfect one.
  • Try to wear something different.
  • If you are petite, then I recommend you start with cropped skinny legs and a blazer that hits no lower than the mid hips.
  • In addition, if you have a big bust, then it will be perfect for circumventing buckling buttons by tying on a blazer, and in combination, a wide-leg trouser will be an ideal match.
  • For long lean, the double-breasted blazers will definitely add just the right amount of curve. In combination with looser trousers will be the best choice.

3- Bright colors will be on the rise

Best bright color dress of this year: Babis dress

Neon colors have been going on trend for a few years, and it seems like that vibrant clothing is just here to stay. It is said that this year's ultra-bright colors will be excellent extraction for people in the means of clothing. Some ultra-bright colors will be on-trend, especially primary colors like blues and reds, which will be incredibly popular this year.

Tip for styling yourself with it

  • Try to use black and neutrals for outfits refinement and assistance 
  • Make sure the items fit you well. 
  • In combination, go with bright accessories.

4- Jackets with fringing details 

Best bright color dress of this year:  Coti jacket

Fringe has its moments in the spotlight every few years, and now it’s coming this season also, but this time it is coming in a big way. This fun trend is considered an excellent way to add extra movement to your outfits. This was initially used to prevent unraveling hems. But this year, it comes with a huge fashion statement. Commonly, this fabric is found on the edge of denim, but most people, including me, like it: blazers, wool coats, and capes. 

Tips to style

  • Wear it on blazers, wool coats, and capes to enhance your look.  
  • In addition, to this, you can also mix and match different layers such as long skirts, minimal accessories, and chunky boots. 
  • Some shades best for this jacket include neutral such as brown, camel, cream, and khaki.

Ending words

These are some fashions going on or will be on-trend this year. All the latest clothing trends are mentioned here; all are given from a power suit to a bright color. In addition, here I have also included some extra tips on how to style each. So read the complete guide and fill your wardrobe with all the trendy dresses. Don’t forget to checkout Revounts if you have any specific brand in mind to shop. You may find some coupons for the brand and can save money on your purchase.