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A room in a shared Apartments in Lahore is the right choice. For example, if you are looking for a room in a shared flat in Cologne, select "Flat share room" in one field and "Cologne" in the other.

Room tour of apartments
Apartments in Lahore

You are looking a room in apartment.

Living alone is not for you? Then a room in a shared Apartments in Lahore is the right choice. For example, if you are looking for a room in a shared flat in Cologne, select "Flat share room" in one field and "Cologne" in the other. Now you can see all offers for a shared apartment in Cologne.

Use the "Send Message" button to contact your new flat mates by email when you have found the flat share you want. Please note that room advertisers often receive many messages and cannot answer all of them. Therefore, we recommend that you describe yourself precisely in the notice, as this increases the response rate significantly.

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You are looking for a 1-room apartment.

If you prefer to live alone and, for example, want to move into a 1-room apartment in Hamburg, select "1-room apartment" in the selection list on the right and "Hamburg" in the selection list on the left. In addition, all offers for a 1-room apartment in Hamburg will now be displayed.

So that you can start your search for a 1-room apartment in a targeted manner, we recommend that you filter the results. You will find various filters above the overview lists. In addition, our search request will inform you conveniently by email about new offers that match your requirements. To do this, click on the "New offers by email" button on the "Read offers" page on the right in the "Set up search request" box.

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You are looking for an apartment.

For example, is your goal of finding a commission-free apartment in Munich? Then select "Apartment" in the selection list on the right and "Munich" in the selection list on the left. All offers for a commission-free apartment in Munich will now be displayed.

To increase your chances of finding a commission-free apartment, we recommend that you also submit a free request. You can then attach this to your messages about offers so that the landlord can get a more personal picture of you.

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Looking for an apartment: How do I find a suitable rental apartment?

Tenants can find a suitable apartment, for example, by browsing through advertisements from landlords and brokers in the daily newspaper, in advertising papers and on notice boards. Often there is also the category "search for an apartment", in which searchers present their ideas and can then be contacted by providers. Word of mouth also helps because many owners of rental apartments rely on recommendations from friends to find new tenants. In addition, numerous online real estate portals such as can be found on the Internet. These websites provide the following functions for searching for a rental apartment:


Types Tenants can choose between different types of apartments. Which one is the right one depends on the financial framework and the location? Loft apartments, for example, are expensive in rent and maintenance costs. If you have already decided on a specific type of apartment, this can be specified in the search criteria when searching for an apartment online. offers the following categories to choose from:

Duplex apartment: Two-story rental apartment within an apartment building. Often it is on the upper floor; the second level is in the converted attic.

Floor apartment: All apartments from the first floor of a residential building. In contrast to the marionette apartment, the rooms are on the same level.

Apartment: This term has two meanings. On the one hand, it can be a standard apartment with mostly upscale furnishings; on the other hand; it can be a granny flat. This is a small additional apartment with its entrance within a large family house.

Loft: Rented apartment with a generous area in former industrial buildings. There, storage and industrial halls were converted into upscale living spaces.

Penthouse apartment: Detached, luxurious apartment that was placed on the roof of a house.

Terrace apartment: apartment with terrace.

An old building or new building

The definition of old and new buildings is not always clear. Houses built after 1945 and renovated old buildings are referred to as new buildings. The term old building includes all buildings that were built before 1945. In common parlance, houses built between 1945 and 1980 are also often referred to as old buildings.

The search mask offers users two options under "Additional criteria":

  1. Searchers can click under "Equipment & Features" to choose whether they prefer an old or a new building. The synopsis appears in the results, which contain the relevant note.
  2. Specifying the year of construction in the input field provided also helps. In this way, only properties that were built within the specified period appear in the results list.