Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany

Germany is a beautiful place to visit and even to stay. This mesmerizing city is close to nature and is perfect for a long family vacation

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany
Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Germany

Germany is a perfect blend of culture, history, heritage, adventure, and a lot more. It is one of the best tourist destinations in entire Europe. Very close to nature, Germany has a lot of national and state parks for people to explore. And trust us when we say that, but it is a really difficult choice to select which one to visit and which one to not. This is why we have prepared a perfect list of the tourist attractions for Germany to save you from all the trouble. So if we successfully excite you to visit the country, you can also check out Delta Airlines Book a Flight  option available on their website.

  • Brandenburg Gate 

If you are visiting Germany for the first time, we recommend starting your trip with the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This sandstone monument was built in 1791 and was designed after the Acropolis in Athens. This gate is 26 meters high and works as a perfect backdrop for your photos. A beautifully structured chariot with four horses carrying the goddess of victory is placed on the top of the gate. Out of the five passages, the center one was allocated to the royal carriages while the general citizens used the other four to pass.

  • The Black Forest

The Black Forest is a small heaven on Earth for all the hikers. This dark, woody hill is spread along 160 kilometers and is most visited in entire Europe. The forest runs from Waldshut on the High Rhine in the south to Pforzheim in the north. Along the way, you will find many beautiful valleys, including Rhino Valley in the east, followed by Danube and Neckar valley. Some of the attractions of this place are Baden-Baden, Black Forest Open Air Museum, Bad Liebencell resort, and Triberg itself.

  • Miniatur Wunderland

Situated in the heart of Port of Hamburg, Miniatur Wunderland is the largest railway model in the world. This place is so huge that it has the capacity to hold 2,00,000 people at a time and has around 890 trains and 3,00,000 lights. You get to explore the miniatures of various airports, planes, urban and rural areas, and harbors. To get the best out of this place, book a behind-the-scene night tour of this place. Attractions near the site are the harborside promenade and warehouse district.

  • The Rhine

The Rhine is stretched along 1,320 km through Switzerland, Germany, and Netherland. It is one of the most beautiful and most important waterways in Europe. The best place to enjoy this river is the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, which is also listed under the slit of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the river, you get to have a glimpse of 60 beautiful picture-worthy towns and 40 castles. You can explore all these places by a river cruise or a car ride. The best place to start your trip to the Rhine is from Bingen.

  • Cologne Cathedral

Situated on the bank of the Rhine, this cathedral of St. Mary and St. Peter is Cologne’s most attractive landmark. The cathedral came into existence in 1248 and is the largest cathedral in Europe. The cathedral is spread along 6,166 km and stands on 56 pillars. Highlights of Cologne Cathedral are the Three Kings Chapel from 12th and 13th century stained glass, South Towers for the vistas and Treasury, the collection of many precious pieces from WWII.

  • The Bürgerstadt And Bamberg

Bamberg is a beautiful city located in the valley of Regnitz. To see the natural and original form of Germany, this town is perfect for a visit. The best way to explore the city of Bamberg is by taking a walking tour of the place, and the tour must start for the 13th-century cathedral in the old episcopal quarter. 

Michaelsberg is where you will find the Bürgerstadt between two rivers. It is a small part of Bamberg where you can visit St. Martin’s church and the Grüner Markt. The highlight in this part of the town is the Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall.

  • Zugspitze Massif

Zugspitze Massif is what connects the frontier of Germany with Austria. You can easily reach Zugspitze Massif by railway, a cable car, or by Bayerische Zugspitzbahn. The best way to explore the natural beauty surrounding the place is by hopping on a  railway that runs from Zugspitzkamm station. The main attraction you would enjoy during this journey is an 800-meters long tunnel when moving towards Schneefernerhaus. This place is best to be visited during winters to enjoy skiing.

  • The Island Of Rügen

The largest and most gorgeous island of Germany is The Island of Rügen. Diverse and beautiful landscape, clean turquoise water, and sparkling snowy sand cover the entire island and make it a perfect location for people to spend some time by the water. For adventurous tourists, the main attraction on this island is the Jasmund Peninsula, which goes up to 161 meters above sea level. You will find the Jasmund Peninsula National Park, exotic wildlife, and rare white-tailed eagles. Another dramatic attraction of this place is the Stubnitz beech forests which end into a dramatic cliff known as King’s chair (Königsstuhl) but gives you a jaw-dropping view of the island.

  • Kings Lake Aka Königssee

Königssee is yet another very beautiful tourist destination in Germany. This Bavarian lake is also known as King’s Lake and is perfect for biking and biking. One thing that many people enjoy here is walking by the path which leads to Malerwinkel. This spot is loved by many for the once-in-a-lifetime view of the lake and sky-high mountains surrounding the lake. Other highlights of this place are Berchtesgaden and the Pilgrimage Chapel of St. Bartholomew.

  • Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber

For the romantics, Ritenburg is the ideal city to spend your trip in. the untouched wall and towers from the Thirty Years War of 1618 make the city one of the most vised attractions in Germany. To explore the city and to get to know about the history, you must join a guided walking tour. Attractions loved by the locals and the tourists are the George Brunnen Fountain, Imperial City Museum, St. James Church, the Town Hall, and Ratstrinkstube.

Germany is a beautiful place to visit and even to stay. This mesmerizing city is close to nature and is perfect for a long family vacation. You can make your flight and hotel reservations from Alaska Airlines Book a Flight option on their website, and you will not have o worry about it anymore.

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