Importance of SEO ranking factors

Most of the web traffic comes up on search engines. If you want the website to be found, you should index it on major search engines and be ranked highly.

Importance of SEO ranking factors

Most of the web traffic comes up on search engines. If you want the website to be found, you should index it on major search engines and be ranked highly. 


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Some facts about the search engines, in general, are as follows:

  • Most of the searches would not click past the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) 
  • Most popular search engines would have billions of searches per day 
  • The average click rate of the first position in search results would be around less than 20% and the second position would be around 10% 
  • Every year, around 20% of searches would be new that has never been searched before 
  • Most searches are performed on mobile devices 
  • Around 50% of near me searches would result in a store visit

If everything was easy, you could have just set up your website and waited for traffic to come into your website. However, many websites would focus on similar themes and topics as that of your own. Search engines should decide the websites to list on any given position in the search results for any given search query. Implementing SEO best practices are very important to make sure that your website captures necessary web traffic for relevant search queries in search engines. 

Important SEO ranking factors  

SEO is important and it should be able to capture search engine traffic to your site. Most people might think about how a search engine ranks websites. The answer would be complex as there are hundreds of ranking factors. Some of the essential SEO ranking factors are: 

  • Content

You might have heard that content is king and it is true when it comes to SEO. Search engines would want to match users with the most relevant content they might be interested in that would match with their query as possible. Some websites are ranked highly as the content might be trustworthy and comprehensive. Search engines mainly focus on the content of the page, the freshness of the content and deploy sophisticated algorithms to understand if the content is relevant to the searcher. If you sell printed shirts that are of different colours and sizes. You will want to make sure that the content on the website should be about printed shirts, their history, how they are made and the creativity behind them. Content could be the fundamental building block of driving organic search traffic to your site. 

  • User Experience (UX)

You might have great content but if you provide a poor experience, the users would leave the website and never visit the website again. This is something the search engines would try to avoid at all costs and thus rank websites with excellent user experience. A mobile-friendly website, seamless navigation, fast page speed and black pop up messages would make a website rank higher on search engines. The users should be able to easily consume the content and navigate through your website. This is very important as mobile devices are becoming very common and now contribute to the majority of web traffic.

  • Technical SEO

You would be able to see overlap with user experience and technical ranking factors. It would include web development, best practices to increase page speed, metadata optimisation and web architecture considerations. Metadata optimisations could help in improving click rates on search result pages, improve the ranking of images and even help surface the content on voice searches. 

  • User feedback metrics

Search engines depend on behavioural data the users leave as clues as they keep looking for the content. It might include click rates for a given query if a user hits the back button upon clicking a result. Ranking factors might not always be transparent and professionals should rely on search engines to provide or get feedback from search engine experts.

  • Backlinks

A backlink could be any link that might point towards your page. Search engines would look at how many links point to a particular page and the website that is pointing to it. If the content is great and people consider it comprehensive and trustworthy, they would want to link to you. However, search engines would consider the quality of the links and then determine how valuable the link is. All content is not created equally. If you have a blog that speaks about food and famous chefs linked to your blog, the search engine would see your content as authoritative and relevant. However, if you link a blog that speaks about fashion or some other field, it will not be considered as important.

It is very important to note that ranking signals have been abused in the past by websites that took advantage of algorithms back in the time. As a result, the search engines have to make for the integrity of search results. You have to make sure that you fully stick to that integrity and methods of vendors who promise you backlinks.

Why are SEO Services a requirement? 

You might get the temptation to bypass the professionals and do your search engine optimisation. However, it would be very difficult to gain success on your own if the industry is competitive. If a medical store would wish to rank higher for queries like "medical stores near me" or "home delivery of medicines", there would be a lot of medical stores competing for visibility and it would be tough to outdo the competitors without experience and expert knowledge. 

Another consideration you could look into is the time and number of skills you would require to execute SEO successfully and continuously. A successful SEO program would require a mix of diverse skill sets that would include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, creative design, content development, videography, web strategy, UX/UI and PR.