How To Cite MLA Referencing?

How To Cite MLA Referencing?

In the liberal arts and humanities, the MLA Referencing generator (Modern Language Association) is most widely used to write papers and cite sources. The examples below are taken from the MLA Handbook (8th ed., 2016).

MLA has a two-part citation system:

  • In-text citations are brief parenthetical citations that are inserted within the essay's text.
  • A "Bibliography" list follows up on these references with more information about the sources arranged alphabetically. This covers both primary and secondary texts that you used in your essay. The MLA Works Cited Generatorpage must contain all entries that refer to the works cited in your main text.
  1. In-Text Citations

In-text citations usually include (Author's surname and page number), or only (page number) if the author is included Essay writing in the sentence. It can be done by free MLA citation generator. There are no commas, and 'p.' or '.pg' are not needed. The end of the sentence that provides for your source's reference appears in brackets. The citation is followed by punctuation. The resource should then be thoroughly referenced in the Works Cited page at the end of the essay. Consider the following scenario:

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  • Jones emphasises this point (156-7) - in text by mentioning the author.
  • Only the author's name is listed in the reference: This point has been highlighted (Jones 156-7).
  • Indirect source material: Greenwood agrees with this viewpoint (in Jones 66).
  1. Bibliographical references

A Works Referenced list should be included at the end of your article (a complete list of works consulted). Author, Title of Source (e.g. journal, database, website, etc.), Others who contributed, Version, Publisher, Number, Date of Publication, and Place.


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The current MLA guidelines teach an ability for referencing research paper writing service that is widely applicable. You will be able to build documentation for almost every form of Essay writer source once you are familiar with the core elements that should be included in each entry in the Works Cited page.