A sprawling fantasy world

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A sprawling fantasy world

Every Souls game is adored in Elden Ring, even the dark sheep in this series: Dark Souls 

II. In reality, Elden Ring feels like the fulfillment of what Dark Souls II promised it 

was going to be when it was first announced. It has a grandiose plot with Elden Ring Runes a vast and 

intricate world, stunning lighting effects, and stunning views and visuals. Dark Souls II 

had fleeting glimpses of the view in areas like The Dragon Aerie and the Shrine of Amana 

however, most of the time, the game's environment felt dull and absurd.

The world of Elden Ring, every zone is filled with the same stunning style and captivating 

wonderment like it is in the Dragon Aerie that you can find in Dark Souls II. From the 

shadows and lighting to the mist that hangs over the highlands, Elden Ring looks awesome 

in the most real sense. Amazing monuments and fantasiastic architecture enhance the visual 

splendor as well. Overall, Elden Ring is easily the most stunning game FromSoftware has 

ever made.

Elden Ring's map is an essential aspect of gameplay in the same manner to combat and 

movement. The map is broken and diverse, offering players endless heights to climb and 

terrain to explore. The rocky cliffs, the toxic lake, fossilized deserts, charming 

coastlines, are only some of the numerous locations you'll come across. The world becomes 

more wild and terrifying as you advance. Your trusted steed, Torrent will make exploring 

more enjoyable. He's incredibly agile, able of executing awe-inspiring jumps, double-

jumps, and mid-air pivots that will cause Mario and Luigi look like they're envious. It 

makes exploring feel natural and enjoyable, as Torrent seems to transport you to any 


The world isn't restricted to beautiful landscapes. The map is marked with bloodborne-

themed dungeons, treasure-laden catacombs, monster-haunted dungeons and forts manned by 

soldiers. Elden Ring can be described as a huge game, but it's as well a crowded one 

packed with activities to explore and things to do. When the game appears to have 

presented you with all it has to offer new zones and interesting spots reveal their own. 

FromSoftware is a master of designing levels, however it's awe-inspiring to witness this 

level of thought-provokingness displayed. There is rarely any time to rest when you are 

bound to stumble across something brand new, whether it's an enemy in the field to take on 

or a cave that you want to explore, or an undiscovered treasure to be found.

The cherry on top is the destruction of environments which is a fairly new addition in the 

Souls series that really crushes the powerful attacks of the monsters. Yes, a dragon that 

can breathe fire is terrifying and awe-inspiring, but watching it tear down the forest 

while spewing flames at you is an amazing spectacle to behold. The idea of an elephant-

sized beast is frightening enough by itself however, watching one smash through a wall of 

stone when it slams into you creates a sense of panic that is terrifying and unique, from 

the Souls series point of view.

The most striking Elden Ring aspect is the additional content available. Technically 

speaking, you don't have to play anything else than the main story beats, but as with 

Nintendo's cult The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you are able to play at your 

personal speed and gain strength, build up tools and abilities and take on important 

story-related sections at any time you want.

The optional sections are also impressive and are in fact on par with the most enthralling 

areas in previous Souls games. The game guides you to certain landmarks or dungeons to 

make progress, but as we've said it is not necessary to complete them immediately. Similar 

to the world map, these dungeons are awe-inspiringly large. They're intricately designed 

zones filled with hidden secrets and additional enemies and bosses on their own.

The first big dungeon, Stormveil Castle, is strongly similar to Boletaria Castle from 

Demon's Souls It's also about the same size as that huge area's three sections. The 

dungeons that are the most important are among the most enjoyable of the Souls series, 

featuring all the traps, ambushes, and escape routes you'd expect from the dungeons that 

were in the past. Even better, since you are able to control your jumps as in Sekiro: 

Shadows Die Twice Every dungeon is equipped with an astonishing quantity of verticality. 

FromSoftware creates every stony balcony and rampart that Buy Elden Ring Items

you are able to jump to be worth 

your time by stuffed them with hidden treasures and secrets.