Bring Increased Revenue Through Gojek Clone With KINGX

Gojek Clone App has been around for a while and we really appreciate how easily and conveniently it delivers On-Demand Services in just a snap! Well, with time Humans and Technology both need to revolve. And this is exactly what’s happening in 2022!

Bring Increased Revenue Through Gojek Clone With KINGX

In the past couple of years, a lot has changed. But the Pandemic Induced Blues was the only constant in the Past couple of Years! It brought in an era of Apocalypse and Millions of people Worldwide had succumbed to this Highly-Contagious Air-Borne Virus. However, Apps like Gojek helped us overcome our anxiety and paranoia against the Virus by launching a boatload of Covid-19 Specific Features. Over time, Newer and Fascinating Features and Services were added to the App.

But, the beginning of 2022 started with a blast! The Big News chimed in that KINGX 2022 is launching!

What is KINGX 2022?

It is the Big Brother of Gojek Clone App. The App is very similar to the Original Indonesian Gojek App, but it is Bigger and Better because it has a more Interactive User Interface than Gojek! Besides offering 70+ On-Demand Services like:

  • Online Taxi Booking
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Delivery Genie
  • Delivery Runner
  • Car Wash

Well, the list of On-Demand Services goes on and on!

This brings us to a very interesting Theory. You can earn some heavy and solid bundles of Hard Cash by offering more and more On-Demand Services on KINGX 2022 App!

Let’s take a hypothetical situation, where Gianna Hernandez, an Entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California gets her hands on KINGX from a Licensed White-Labeling Firm. She was well aware of the perks of offering On-Demand Services in Single Application. And therefore, she chooses to offer 71 On-Demand Services on One Single Platform.

These Services specifically included Food and Grocery Delivery, Delivery Genie, Beauty Services, Video Consultation with Yoga Instructors & Fitness Coaches, etc. Why did Gianna enlist these Services? Because according to Yelp Economic Report (September 2020) 15,000 businesses faced closure across Los Angeles since the beginning of the Pandemic. And half of them are expected to be CLOSED PERMANENTLY! The Businesses that were worst hit by the adversities of the Pandemic were Restaurants, Bars, Beauty Salons, Retail Stores, and Gymnasiums.

She saw the opportunity coming through the Door. Seeing the Economic situation in the City, she opted for KINGX 2022 and fulfilled her dream of becoming Los Angeles' most Successful Women Entrepreneur! Thousands of Providers from all 71 On-Demand Service genres started Registering on the App. Within no time the Providers started rendering their Services Online through this Digital Platform. They started earning Profits, which once was a distant dream for them in the last couple of years because of the Pandemic!

Well, this is how Gianna Hernandez earned bundles of US Dollars through the App – through Commission!

There are two Business Models offered on Gojek Clone App, from which the App Owner can choose to opt for only one. And Gianna chose Commission-Per-Service. Let’s take a look at both the Models:

Commission-Based Model

Here, the Service Providers are contractually bonded and have to pay Commission to the App Owner on every single Service they offer via the App. The Commission Rate is decided by the App Owner itself. Thus, all the different genres of Services offered on the Digital Platform have varied Commission Rates. That is, a Beautician might have to pay a 12% Commission Rate, while Food Delivery Drivers may just have to pay a 10% Commission per Service!

Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans are those where the Service Providers only make a One-Time-Payment to start rendering their Services through the App. This Single Time Payment unshackles the Providers from paying Commission–per-Service. These Plans are usually available on a Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, and Annual Basis! The Provider can choose any one of these depending on the Subscription Plan’s Price, Features, and Time Validity.

The Service Providers also need to be careful about Renewing their Plan before it expires because, after the expiration, they’ll stop getting Service Requests. To avoid such a situation, the App Owner sends Reminder messages for Plan Renewal to the Provider via In-App Push Notifications!


KINGX 2022 is the Biggest and the most Perfect App you could imagine. To get your Hands on the Bigger and Better Weapon - the KINGX App itself, it is best for you to approach a Licensed White-Labeling Firm.

A Well-Established Firm with an Industrial Experience of at least a Decade in launching such Apps daily will always hand you their Demo App for Free. This way you can take a Test Drive through the App and make an Informed Purchasing Decision!

So, contact the Sales Representatives of this Firm and give Wings to your Dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur in 2022!