6 Important Tips to give a Thought While Designing an Online Store

Every business in this age of the internet & technology requires a website to maintain an online presence. If your company doesn’t have a website, it’s easy to assume that it won’t grow online. For existing established firms with well-known products/services, design is a little easier. Simultaneously, there is this responsibility of reaffirming the brand’s reputation through expected design constructs.

6 Important Tips to give a Thought While Designing an Online Store

Before starting the design of an online store, you must be sure to consider the following points:

  1. What are your online shopping patterns?
  2. What draws your attention back to the store?
  3. What features make your website a loyal online store?

While thinking about all these questions, your online store should be strong enough to handle a sufficient amount of traffic.

Here are six tips to be sure that your online store gathers all the needs:

1. Reliable & Trustworthy Feel:

It’s essential to have a strong brand. To make your online store prominent, you’ll need to pick specific design components & fonts and apply them reliably, so that your content doesn’t feel disconnected from your store. The sections of the store should be simple and easy for the visitors to seek anything familiar or something that catches their eye. The most successful sites show things from many viewpoints and reviews with shoppers having the opportunity to zoom in.

2. Pick & Select the Colors and Texts Wisely:

Select colors in a manner that draws attention to a specific text or region of your store. For an instance, place a bright colored tag around sale items and label them with an appealing line. Your eCommerce website design must be impactful as well as colorful to see the increasing result in sales. Select from a variety of template styles, colors, fonts, text, and sizes, among other options. Also, you don’t have to waste space with detailed words if you are providing color samples. Make buying easier by including details like size, weight, style, and so on, based on your business and placing them on the location on every page.

3. Easy Navigation:

Complex navigation can result in a loss of client interest, and in the worst-case scenario, it can affect sales. On each page, include menus or a table of contents with relevant links. Priority does not matter in online stores. One of the important aspects is whether the navigation is easy and unlikely to confuse the consumers. Make navigation easier to help visitors find their required pages and links within seconds.

4. Embedded Images, Videos, and Description:

It is usually a good idea to include images of products. Ensure that images are of great quality and that they encourage visitors to purchase the product. Displaying a product through action/video is a good choice. All the images, videos, and content should depend on your product range. For instance, if the store is related to electronic devices, it is necessary to add more specifications as compared to clothing sites. Also, you can add product comparisons that assist customers in making their shopping decision.

5. Smart Shopping Cart Design:

The very first step while designing an online smart shopping cart is planning its ‘Shop Database’. The shopping cart model should be structured column-wise, which is more instinctive to understand and contributes to an absolute sense of calm & dependability during the shopping. Your shopping cart design should include various buttons like the main category, product category, product tags, product reviews, transaction details, order items, and user payment details.

6. Secure Payment Gateway:

The type of payment option that you provide should have the potential to break the deal. Assure your customers by providing them all popular online payment options. As you provide a secure payment gateway to your customers, then, why not for the suppliers. Treat your international suppliers with the same ease and convenient options for payments. We know that international transfers can be sometimes challenging for small businesses, but, many global payment networks offer services for international payments with few clicks. Local or international using multi-way technology for a direct association between you and your customer is the prominent way.

Other than these tips, adding widgets for social media, FB feeds, testimonials, etc. can grab the attention of visitors. Also, enable SEO features like sitemaps, search appearance, and analytics to build a complete e-Commerce page.