5 Unique Gift Ideas For Newly Expectant Mom

Gift ideas for newly expectant mom!

5 Unique Gift Ideas For Newly Expectant Mom

Are you getting ready to welcome the small feet in your house with bundles of joy and happiness? If yes, then this is definitely your call to buy a lot of new stuff. Starting from the diapers to cute little charming clothes. But it’s not necessary to always buy something for a new baby. As her mother needs some pampering and love too. Because she is the one who is bringing a new life into the world. So it’s your responsibility to support her with some thoughtful and helpful gift to let her know, you care about her too. To find something special, you don’t have to spend a fortune even if you are miles away. There is a much appropriate range of pampering gifts like - luxurious beauty products, pain-relieving gadgets, comfy clothes that can be worn long after the little one arrives. So spoil her with both cute and functional gifts to make this pregnancy journey best for her.

Anyhow, we have collected some best gift items for the newly expectant mom. Hope you find the best pick out of these.

Comfy robe

During one’s pregnancy journey, it’s necessary to wear clothes of cotton fabric to make the mom feel super comfy. As they are already going through medication and other pain-relieving treatments, so treating them with a comfy robe would make an ideal gift. This cotton robe is made from breathable stretchy fabric so that she can carry this in her routine or during her hospital stay. Also it’s very versatile that a mother could wear this in any phase -  during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond that. Order it from an online portal in Bangalore just like you order cakes from an online cake store.

Tummy butter

This is the perfect present for the mom who is quite conscious about her stretch marks.Then this tummy butter will improve the skin elasticity and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that come through pregnancy. It works well with all types of skin and also it smells like a dream. That’s the reason why they call this butter as pregnancy essential to keep mom’s skin healthy and happy. This will make a great contribution from your side and they will surely appreciate this sweet gesture.

Pampering gift basket

Beauty gifts always make the best gift especially for a mother during her motherhood stage. So prepare a basket and add all the organic products because they are chemical-free and good for a mom-to-be. Make sure this basket includes soap, body scrubs, bath salts, lip balm, essential oil, scented candle, clay mask and a sponge which are made from natural ingredients. These self-care products are sure to give the mother a soothing feel.

Silicon ring

It’s so magical when a woman's body changes to create a new life in itself. But sometimes it’s not so magical because it turns into swelling and pain. So when her wedding ring is getting to fit tight then these silicone bands can comfortably hold their place at one place until they slip on again.

Delectable cake

It’s quite obvious when a woman is in her pregnancy phase due to her hormonal changes, she will crave for some sweet and delightful things. So to fill these sweet cravings a delicious cake is all she needs right now. Also, it’s in the trend to celebrate it deliberately when a mother is going to start the new beginning of her life. Well, Do you remember the flavour of her favourite birthday cake delivery? If yes, then order the same cake flavour and surprise them with the help of online cake delivery in bangalore from anywhere in the world.


So, these were some gift items through which you can pamper the new mother.