5 healthy ways to prevent drug addiction

5 healthy ways to prevent drug addiction

5 healthy ways to prevent drug addiction

5 healthy ways to prevent drug addiction

There are many reasons or motives behind people getting addicted to drugs, which may include trying to cope with stress, overcoming depression, wanting to ”belong”, peer pressure, among other things. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the symptoms of drug addiction,  like the constant need to do drugs, neglecting responsibilities and the urge to always want to take physical risk, in order to prevent you or your loved ones from becoming a drug addict.

There is actually no guaranteed way to prevent drug addiction, but there are steps to take to prevent it from happening to you or a loved one, which are also ways to pass a drug test, especially if you are an athlete who has previously used drugs and wants to pass a drug test.

How does drug addiction develop?

There are several symptoms of a developing drug addiction which include the following below:

  • Urge to constantly use drugs  (this could be daily, weekly or hourly)
  • Usage of drugs to block thoughts and pain
  • Turning to drugs to give you feelings of pleasure, numbness or energy 
  • Using drugs for a period of time longer than you expected 
  • Always having a supply of drugs in your house.
  • Using your allowances, salary on drugs or getting them on credit 
  • Ignoring your responsibilities either at work or home due to drug usage 
  • Withdrawal from family and friends because of drug use
  • Using drugs despite being in the know of the issues and problems it causes  you, either mentally or physically 
  • Having withdrawal symptoms whenever you attempt to quit drugs
  • Getting the drugs at all costs 

Signs to look out for if a loved one is a drug user

  • Health issues: this is when the person seems to have lack of motivation, less energetic, red eyes along with weight gain or loss.
  • Un-kept physical appearance: this is when the person cares less about their looks, they look shabby, unkempt, unclean and old.
  • Having problems at school or work: this is the constant missing out of school or not showing up at work. They show how un-interested they have become in school or work activities.
  • Having money issues: they constantly request for money and never seem to have enough to do what they want without explaining what the money is being used for. If not given, they go as far as stealing money or doing illegal things to make quick money.
  • Attitude changes: they   change  behavior, they start to withdraw from family and friends, stop going to social functions, become very secretive about their whereabouts and take extra steps to keep people away from their homes.

Now we are done with the development and signs of drug addiction. Here are 5 ways to prevent drug addiction. There are also ways to pass a test.

  1. Awareness: Become aware of the way you use drugs so that  you can control how to stop them and know when it’s time to stop. Also, get to know the risk involved with doing  drugs. When you become aware of the environmental, physical, biological, and psychological risks involved, you will overcome the possibility of becoming a drug addict. 
  2. Do not give in to peer pressure: peer pressure is one of the major reasons why a lot of people, most especially teenagers, use illicit drugs. The desire to want to belong and have a sense of belonging in a particular group or circle of friends makes you do anything just to fit in. That’s why you need to have a mind of your own, build your self-confidence and esteem in order to avoid such bad influence or better still, stay away from such friends.
  3. Try to handle and cope with life pressures: everyone has experienced being stressed and overwhelmed with something in their lives before, so if you are feeling overwhelmed with work or anything else in your life, just remember that you are not the only one who struggles. Why is it not a good idea to try to use drugs as a coping mechanism? Try to look for other means to cope with the pressure. You can try going for exercises, getting a hobby, doing something you are passionate about, going for yoga learning lessons to help you medicate or simply volunteering to help out in clinical labs
  4. Go for therapy: go see a therapist if your mental health starts to get affected or if you have a trauma, pain you are going through. Turning to drugs only helps you to forget for a short time while your anxiety, depression, trauma and pain returns once the effects of the drugs fade away.
  1.  Keep a balanced life: some people who use drugs do so because things are not working out for them. But with the right motivation, goals and priorities, you can achieve a well-balanced life that brings you nothing but joy and happiness. You just have to take it one step at a step.

Drug addiction not only destroys relationships and dreams, it also leads to damage that can last a lifetime and also to death. It’s important to stay away from illicit drugs or at least try to prevent yourself or a loved one from becoming a drug addict.