5 benefits of modern dentistry

Today modern dental clinics are efficiently focused on taking care of the patients in the easiest and most painless manner. This is one of the main reasons why the demand for modern dentistry services is growing higher than before.

5 benefits of modern dentistry

Today modern dental clinics are efficiently focused on taking care of the patients in the easiest and most painless manner. This is one of the main reasons why the demand for modern dentistry services is growing higher than before. Also, technology is rapidly advancing at a fast rate. The general public possesses an increased awareness about the armada of new dental technologies and modern dental techniques and how they are having a positive impact on how dentistry is practiced. 

Fortunately, modern dental practices and cosmetic dentistry procedures are grabbing limelight from the media too. Today media houses and media advertising agencies do not shy away from capturing exciting dental industry trends in their mediums such as newspapers and magazines. Very often we come across exciting articles on teeth whitening, veneers, custom aligners, modern cosmetic procedures such as smile makeover etc reflecting upon how they can change the way you look and feel without any pain and discomfort. All this has also helped alter the hardwired brains bringing in a positive change in the society.  

Let us take a look at all some benefits of modern dentistry and how it is enabling enhanced patient experiences. 

1. Less pain and inconvenience

People have never liked going to the dentist. They not only experience anxiety before going to the dentist but dread sitting in a dentist’s chair. The reason is not the dentist himself, but the frightful history of traditional dental procedures that were once associated with pain and discomfort. However, with the advent of advanced technologies like laser, anesthesia, etc dental treatments are now painless, safer, do not cause any discomfort and can be completed in one -two visits. While our teeth are like our most valuable asset, dentists are their guardians. By offering personalized and one on one care, modern dentists help us in treating dental problems effectively and save our precious pearly whites. They also provide us with the best dental tips and advice to help us relieve mouth symptoms and prevent serious problems. So no need to avoid dental care and skip out on important treatments and dental visits for the fear of pain. 

2. Less recovery and healing time 

Dental health is an integral part of our oral health. However most people do not give it the required attention and take it for granted. When people start delaying visits to the dentists, and ignore any signs and symptoms such as pain, swelling in the mouth they may have been experiencing, dental problems can aggravate over time and might require complex dental treatments such as surgery. However, modern dentistry provides all kinds of helpful solutions to repair teeth that have been damaged by plaque, tartar or other bad habits. The best part is that you can regain a great set of teeth and a lost smile all over again and there’s minimal recovery downtime. Be it dental crowns, inlays and onlays, dental implants or smile makeovers, modern dentists make use of advanced technologies and follow a minimally invasive approach in treating dental problems. This facilitates an easier and quicker patient recovery after an oral surgery or other complex dental treatment. 

3. State-of-the-art dental equipment and technology 

Sitting in a huge dentist chair with a dentist poking inside your mouth using dental instruments and devices can be a frightening experience. Modern dentistry tools and techniques have greatly helped resolve many such issues. Modern dental instruments function more precisely and do not cause any pain or discomfort. Owing to advanced features and functioning, they have not just revolutionized the level of care but have made detection, diagnosis and treatment a lot easier and comfortable. Right from digital radiography (digital x-ray) machines to take dental images to advanced CEREC® machines to fabricate customized tooth restorations more quickly and easily, modern dental clinics embrace the latest and modern dental equipment and technology to bring exceptional care to their patients. 

Let us understand the advancements with the help of an example. Today digital x-rays reduce radiation upto 80-90% compared to the conventional plan film dental photography. The revolutionary new CEREC® machine allows dentists to custom-fabricate tooth restorations more quickly and sometimes in one visit. Earlier, fabricating tooth restorations such as porcelain veneers, crowns required multiple visits and temporary restorations to complete. 

4. Enhanced Patient comfort 

Modern dentists strive to make dental care experience more effective and comfortable. Whether you need a dental filling or dental bonding or teeth aligners to restore the health and function of your teeth, modern dentistry procedures can help you achieve desired results without causing discomfort. 

New age dental clinics understand that many people feel nervous and dread going to the dentist. And thus they not only provide the highest level of care but strive to create a comfortable environment for their patients to help ensure they have a pleasant experience at the dentist’s clinic. Also, modern dentists embrace the latest and modern dental technologies and techniques to offer their patients quicker and effective treatment. Most dental procedures like crowns, veneers, dental implants etc no longer require too many and too frequent visits to the dentist which in return results in a more convenient and comfortable experience for the patients. 

Lets explain this through an example as well how modern dental technologies are helping enhance patient comfort. Digital x-ray equipment used by modern dentists is much more comfortable than conventional x-rays of the past. Unlike traditional metal brackets and wires that cause discomfort and irritation, modern day braces feature more effective wires and brackets and are much more comfortable. Also today we have aligners which are virtually invisible. The Invisalign® treatment system uses clear, comfortable aligners to straighten teeth and transform your smile. In general, it is less painful than traditional metal braces and provides better patient comfort. 

5. Minimally Invasive

Technology has significantly transformed how dental procedures are carried out. Today modern dental clinics are switching to optimal solutions to treat dental problems which means that dental procedures are carried out in a more effective and careful manner aimed to eliminate unhealthy and diseased tissues and conserve healthy tooth structure. Be it any restorative dental procedure such as dental fillings or root canals or dental implants, the goal of modern dentists is to minimize the structural tooth loss as well as bone and soft tissue loss during the restorative processes. 

Also, minimally invasive dentistry is changing the way dentists detect cavities, remove and repair decay. There is minimum compromise of the structural integrity of the tooth and what is diseased or infected is carefully eliminated. 

With state of the art technologies like lasers, dentists can now clean the root’s canal without using any drills. It allows virtually pain-free dental care and fast, effective and minimally invasive treatments for treating both hard and soft tissue. Unlike earlier, patients remain comfortable and relaxed during a dental procedure involving lasers as there is very little bleeding. 

If you are a patient who experiences anxiety with dental procedures, then fret not! Modern dentists use revolutionary tools and follow a minimally invasive approach. 


Today dentists are at the forefront of delivering enhanced, professional and comfortable dental care services to treat oral health problems. They strive to do the best they can for you and your family members and also share important tips on maintaining excellent oral health and keeping dental diseases away. Owing to all above reasons, the demand for modern dental care is on the rise. The change is something that should be cherished and not be scared of.