4 Clues that your Air Conditioning Needs an Upgrade

The air conditioner in your house is more like the other appliances. The feature therein must be maintained, repaired and eventually replaced. Some folks hold onto their recent air con for loads of reasons, including:

  • The upgrades are too expensive
  • There are no noticeable signs of degradation, and thus, it might be working fine. 
  • It serves the purpose, so why change it.

In the hot Australian weather, the last thing you would like to try is to take your air-con unit with no consideration, until it suddenly stops operating. Though you get regular maintenance done, there are still lots of clues that it's time to upgrade.

  • High Energy bills

Heating and cooling of Australian homes sum up to 20% to 50% of the total energy used. However, if a unit isn't economical, the energy bills begin to shoot up with no changes in the home's cooling demands. Such changes indicate a problem within the energy efficiency of your cooling system. Clean the air ducts and change your filters to revive the effectiveness of the unit. If these maintenance techniques don't work, the system is deemed faulty.

An AC unit may run continuously, as it can't keep the house at the required temperature. This might cause energy bills to shoot up.

While the above example isn't always the case, if your unit is usually running and bills are on the increase, it needs to get checked into!

  • Noisy Unit

This may be an indication that you have a small duct system. However, if it's particularly noisy whenever you have the air conditioner running, it may mean there's a difficulty with the indoor coil of your cooling system.

It is a vital sign and should be addressed by getting air conditioning repairs Melbourne

  • Humidity within the premises

Primary explanations as to the comfy environment once your cooling system runs is due to its ability to remove humidness. However, once your cooling system struggles to control, it can't dry as effectively, resulting in your home feeling clammy. These problems with humidness in your home might also be a result of having a cooling system that's outsized for your area.

  • Your Air Conditioner isn't smart.

A smart unit promotes convenience and saves you cash within the long-standing time. For instance, you will program it to show on and off and save energy once you're not home. 

If your AC is an old-school or older version unit, replace it with a smart one. The initial price of installation is high; however, the convenience and energy savings you get are worthwhile.

There are many reasons for upgrading your air conditioning unit. The best time to do it is before the summers to escape the Australian heat. Even if you have not got your system serviced, it's never late. You can contact some of the reputed air conditioning services Frankston to learn about the latest technology and for further service-related issues. 

You can even have professionals visit your home to evaluate your current air conditioner unit and provide you with honest answers to all or any of your air conditioning queries.