3 Harmless Remedies that Will Get Rid of Bees Naturally

Bees might look small but they mean it when they sting. And that’s why you should take care of the situation as soon as you see them on sight. Here’s how you can do it.

3 Harmless Remedies that Will Get Rid of Bees Naturally

Most of us know how important bees are for our environment but that doesn't change the fact that having those around us can be dangerous. And that's why calling for professional help the minute you witness bees around and inside our home should be on the top of your list.

And the reason is not only because they sting and it hurt, but you might not know if someone from your family is allergic to bees or not. Allergic or not, it’s not wise to host a bee colony anywhere near your house. Because you never know what might make them riled up as they are in nature aggressive.

But before attempting to get rid of the bees without the help of a local bees control brisbane, let us help you identify what type of bees you might be dealing with.

Bumble Bee

Among all creepy crawlies, this bee breed is worthy of the title "helpful workhorse" since it pollinates flowers and crops. Social in nature, they build their hive in settlements going from a small bunch to a few hundred bees in size.

Throughout the spring, the honey bee takes to the skies in the wake of overwintering in the ground to look for nectar and dust and set up a new settling region. Bumblebees seldom assault except if they are compromised. They like to settle in free, cushioned materials, and here and there underground.

Honey Bee

This species was likely liable for the expression "busy as a bee". Previously, bumblebees have been trained, which implies that tracking down a wild colony these days is incredibly tough.

Regardless of whether they have a beneficial role, enormous colonies close to your home can in any case be a subject to worry. On the off chance that its hive is damaged, this species is probably going to turn out to be more aggressive and will sting to protect itself and its colony. Hence, contacting the bee hive removal brisbane when you have honey bees around is highly suggested. Their hives can contain up to 20,000 honey bees, and they feed principally on open flowers that they can reach with their short tongues.

Despite the fact that honey bees don't attack people except if undermined. Furthermore, their homes produce a large number of workers and can be amazingly weighty. This is most likely the only species for which relocating from the house is suggested.

Mason Bee

These honey bees build their homes in holes or gaps that have happened naturally. Their homes are made of mud or other "masonry" materials. On the off chance that you go overhear the buzz of bees humming around brick walls, they are probable Mason honey bees.

This species doesn't make honey. Yet, they do have a strong punch with their pollinating capacities, fruit trees to deliver more fruits, permitting seeds to set, and flowering landscape to be more vivid and bright.

Getting Rid of Bees Naturally

Even though, we do not advise dealing with bees without professional supervision or any kind of knowledge about them. But if you are worried about the chemicals your nearest pest control might use, then we understand why you would want to try out the DIY approach. So, here you go! Here is the best way to get rid of bees naturally:


one of the best and easy approaches is sitting around the corner of your house. Mothballs are not only for residential insects but they irritate bees as well.

Let us tell you why. Bees are sensitive to smell and that's how they can find flowers to collect honey from. But when they are introduced to something that has a strong smell, like mothballs, they fled the scene then and then. So if you have a swarm of bees inside or near your house you can utilize these balls to make them leave their hive. And then discard the hive so that they cannot return. Just find something to hang the mothballs around their hive and leave it there for a couple of days and you would be set.

Plats that Repels

Did you know that there are plants that repel bees, well not only bees but many other pests? Well, now you know. And planting these plants around your house might be the most secure way to deal with bees, especially when there is no bee hive removal service brisbane involved.

What you have to do is plant citronella, mint, cloves, or neem plants around your house perimeters to ensure that bees can't enter from around the corner. You can also grow them in pots and place them near the windows or any possible entryways for bees to enter your home.


The most common product inside your house might be what you need as bee protection. Vinegar is a versatile product and is present in various pest repellant DIY methods.

Well, to get rid of bees with the help of vinegar you will have to make a spray using it. Just take equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and mix it thoroughly. You can also use lemon juice if you want to but these two ingredients will do. And then all you have to do is spray it around their hives. For example, if the hive is placed in a corner of a wall then spray it around it. Or spray the solution on the flower trees and other plants in your garden to use it as a prevention hack. Do not spray it directly on the hive or on them as it will make them aggressive and they will sting anything on sight.

These three are the best way to deal with bees, without the chances of getting stung. However, you should call the services of bee hive relocation near me to deal with them when things get out of your control.