10 Priority Things One Must Take Note Of During House-Moves!

10 Priority Things One Must Take Note Of During House-Moves!
10 Priority Things One Must Take Note Of During House-Moves!
10 Priority Things One Must Take Note Of During House-Moves!
10 Priority Things One Must Take Note Of During House-Moves!

Those who are looking forth to a house move going to take place in the next two weeks must be considering all the last-minute crucial tasks and addressing all other responsibilities that are coming up meanwhile! But hey! Have you sorted out the moving day tasks? Booked the professionals from Agarwal Packers? Called up the landlord of your home? Informed the service providers of the address change? Sent official emails? – If you haven’t done all of that yet, then hurry up! You are missing out to mind out the most essential responsibilities on your part!

Well, now that you know the list of all the unattended tasks on your part, you must bring out a notepad and write down all the priority tasks we are going to mention below. All of these could be addressed as per your schedule and convenience, but they must be taken clear not of, so you can easily tackle your moving stress to a great extent!

• Update contact information wherever you should – When you move to a new place, it is very important to alter and update your current contact information with the new one. If you work out your address change requirements early on, it will be good for you. Primarily, the banks, credit card institutions, workplace, wards’ school, and college should be notified of your address change. You should also call up people from your contact list to inform them about your new address.
• Spend time analysing your paperwork requirement – House-moves is unimaginable without the necessary documents in place. You need to have all the key papers with you, from your insurance papers, license papers, health and employment papers, passport, etc. You must research about the same over the internet, in case you do not know all that you must have. Copies of these documents should be saved on your phone drive or cloud. Also, the document folder must be kept closed throughout the journey.
• Know who all you need to notify ahead of your move – Home-shifting is not a one-day affair, you prepare for it long before. Therefore, you should have an idea of how you want to notify those in your contacts – whether via email or call, or message. Many people relocating abroad prefer sending out personalized cards with a heart-warming message of goodbye along with a new address and contact information. You can do that too, but ensure everyone in your circle is notified.
• Do the needful changes and update your documents – Before you book the moving professionals from Agarwal Packers and Movers, you must ascertain your new address is updated on all your accounts – whether it is your bank or your credit card company. Your documents too should be updated as per your address change. If you are short on time to manage all this before the move, make sure you do it soon after you have moved into your new place.
• Manage to buy some packing materials by yourself – Now, there are a few things you must address on an immediate basis and that too, before the professional movers arrive at your place. The first thing is you must gather the needful packing items from local stores. Try getting at least the crucial ones in bulk. Before beginning with the packing task, you must ensure you have an ample number of durable moving cartons and robust boxes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, and packing paper.
• Have a well-designed and inclusive moving budget – Now comes the nitty-gritty of your moving plan – it is your smart moving budget that incorporates every major expense you could be paying for like specialty items cost, insurance cost, and every cost you could be asked by the movers, like loading-unloading and equipment cost. So, make sure you plan out your finances well and also keep aside a good amount of money in case there is some emergency or deficit during the course.
• Research carefully and choose a good moving deal – When everything is taken care of well, you must lookout for the best moving plans that can fit into your budget. For that, all you need to do is great online research and comparison of the rates, terms, and fees. Try to look out for deals that serve your moving requirements the best and also have pretty much laid-out insurance and licensing policies. Also, ensure the company you picked is genuine.
• Secure everything in place and double-check cartons – The packing task would be carried out by the moving professionals as per the decided date and if everything goes well, everything would happen in a timely. All you need to take off in the meanwhile is to ensure every carton is appropriately packed and secured, and that every carton carries a name label that mentions the key package details. Plus, every carton should bear a number that corresponds to the number mentioned in your inventory.
• Always have the moving professionals on loop – There are certain things you must conclude the packing task with – inspect when the moving cartons are securely loaded into the moving truck, and everything has been double-checked for security purposes – from the boxes to the moving vehicle, you must keep in touch with the movers – from Agarwal Movers and Packers for updates. You can inquire about the consignment status, the delivery time, and any other information you want to have for your cargo!
• Keep your young ones and beloved pets closer – Most of the time, those who feel the most left out during this entire packing and moving journey are our kids and dear pets. To begin with, we must carry the needful precautions and medications of our children and also keep all the essentials of our pets – the comforters, food items, toys, etc. Keep them closer to you, so you can make sure they are fit and fine, in these changing surroundings and atmosphere.

What happens in most relocation cases is we miss out to pay attention to some of the most essential tasks on time. We end up postponing things and this messes up our move further. So, consider following these 10 tips and have a wonderful move ahead!