What is a Star Map & The Best Occasion to Gift one

What is a Star Map & The Best Occasion to Gift one

The map of a starry night sky on a special date is something that many people find appealing. It makes for a perfect gift for an anniversary or an engagement. It is a beautifully printed map of the stars which often includes a special message and can be that of any one of the popular cities around the world. This article goes on to list special occasions when a personalized star map in Australia might be a perfect gift.

The Best Occasion to Gift a Personalised Star Map in Australia

Buying a gift is not the easiest thing in the world since there are many different items available and many of them are common gifts. A Star Map is a special gift that not everyone may come up with. It is an optimal gift for many different occasions since it is versatile, quite stylish and makes a perfect fit for the decor of any home. Listed here are some of the special occasions that are ideal for such a gift: 

  • This is the best gift on any occasion like the birth of a child. It is a perfect time to give a star map that shows an exact map of the stars on the day a child was born. In fact, it is possible to print a custom map for the exact date and time of a newborn child, and a good way to welcome a new member to a family. It is also a good method for parents to celebrate the birth of their child by requesting such a custom printed map This can also include a fitting message for an occasion like, “Star Born under the Sky”. 
  • The first meeting of a couple is a good time to buy a star map to celebrate an occasion. It is a good way to celebrate the first meeting of a best friend or a long-lost friend or family member. A personalized star map in Australia is the best way to remember an occasion. The ideal for this type of an occasion can be:

    • Meeting written in the stars
    • You are my star
    • Brightest stars in the sky
  • There are many who like to celebrate their first kiss as well. Ordering a custom star map of the night a first kiss happened is the perfect gift, especially if a first kiss was under the stars. However, even if it was indoors this makes for a perfect gift for this type of an occasion:

    • Stars above the night we kissed
    • The night I fell for you
    • Stars on the day you stole my heart 
  • An engagement anniversary is a perfect occasion to give something and a star map is a simple yet great gift and will create a necessary impact too. In fact, an engagement anniversary gift is hard to come up with; however, this is one of the best options. 
  • Marriage anniversary is an important day of every couple's life and it can be over in a flash. There are many ways one can make this a memorable occasion; one of them being by buying a personalized star map of the sky above on an exact date, date, and time of the marriage. Placing this type of poster on a wall is a good way of celebrating the occasion along with a good custom message like, 'The Stars when I said 'I Do'. 
  • This is also a good way for pet lovers to celebrate an occasion they first their pet came into their life. It might be a good gift for an entire family to celebrate this occasion and commemorate the day the pet came into their life and remember it long after it has passed away. 
  • It is also the perfect gift to help celebrate the start of a business especially for someone who has gone on to develop a highly successful business.
  • Gifting someone a map of how the stars appeared above the day they were born is the perfect way to celebrate an occasion. It can help make anyone's birthday special.