What do auto recyclers do to your old car?

What Parts Get Used And How? Almost all the parts of a car or any other auto can be recovered, with a recycling rate greater than 90% for a typical vehicle.

What do auto recyclers do to your old car?
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Having an end-of-life vehicle sitting in your garage? If yes!! Then it will give you nothing rather becoming a bit of an eyesore. Whereas non-roadworthy vehicle is of no use as you can’t drive it anymore in life.

Basically, for unroadworthy, unwanted or scrap vehicle there are two options to get rid of that.

Ever wonder out of these two which one is best? Don’t worry let’s go through both options in-depth & then you come to know which one is best for vehicle removal,

Dumping Your Vehicle in Land- Illegal way

Dumping your scrap vehicle inland means you are polluting the God’ natural environment. Due to this, the Government has imposed restriction on this method of car removal. According to environmental protection agencies & departments, this kind of dumping is illegal. This has become a major problem because it causes lot of environmental issues such as- fire hazards, breathing issues due to air pollution.

Car Removal Company- Legal or The Best Way to get rid of scrap car

Choosing a car removal company to get rid of unwanted or scrap vehicle is the best option. You know why? Because they have specialized equipment & professionals to do the work of vehicle recycling & dismantling. If you are environment conscious then definitely you should go for the second option. You can easily schedule car removal at your fingertips.

How to Contact them?

First, select the best car removal company & call them or you can fill the online form on their website. Accordingly, they will offer you free car valuation services & also offer free car removal with instant cash.

If I take the service of Car Removal Company then what do auto recyclers do with my car?

Look- Once you call the auto recyclers to get rid of scrap or unroadworthy vehicle then, first they will have a discussion with you over a call. The next question arises to your mind that what will they ask? Right!! They will ask you to give all relevant details of your scrap vehicle such as- all actual condition of your car, major repair receipts or all accidental history. Accordingly, they will finalize the price for used or scrap vehicle.

Once you finalize the deal then they come to your place to pick up your car & also offer instant cash.

Now the job of Professional auto recyclers begins to make best recycle out of scrap metal-

Firstly, they will go through the detailed inspection of the vehicle to ensure its functionality i.e. Whether its parts are working or not & also check what is more profitable either recycling or repair. Approximately, 90% of scrap car go for dismantling & recycling phase rather than repair.

Now the work of dismantling begins Eco-Friendly Process

They will dismantle the valuable parts & remove all fluids such as oil, gas, transmission & hazardous liquid for safe disposing of vehicles. They will filter & reuse the gas & oil. Whereas useful parts such as- tires & batteries are removed & cleaned properly.

Now the job of selling Auto & functional parts begins-

They will sell the functional auto parts in the second-hand market of car parts.

The work of scrap metal recycling begins

Now the company is left with the non-functional parts. Professionals will send those parts for scrap metal recycling where Scrap will get converted to scrap metal. Similarly, scrap metal will sell to companies who use scrap metal in their production.

There is a high demand for scrap metal in the market.

The Bottom Line-

This what auto recyclers do with your old vehicle. After reading the above discussion we hope you have also understood the importance of car removal companies. You have seen above how eco-friendly they dispose of your vehicle. Now take a pledge never use dumping method for vehicle recycling. Always go for the best auto recycler company.