What Are The Various Methods Of House Demolition?

When a house reaches is structural lifespan, it is not regarded to be safe. This is the time when extensive repairs and renovations would not be possible.

What Are The Various Methods Of House Demolition?
House Demolition

When a house reaches is structural lifespan, it is not regarded to be safe. This is the time when extensive repairs and renovations would not be possible. The only option left is house demolition. It is not the only reason when demolition takes place. If the building has lost its integrity and stability, it needs to undergo demolition. Apart from this, if a natural disaster has led to structural damage; it can make the building unsafe and require demolition.

The demolition of a house or building is mainly dismantling of structures very carefully and in a planned manner. There are several methods of demolition. The kind of demolition used for the building or house depends on several factors like the building or house location, building materials, disposal of debris, and purpose of demolition.

Some of the methods used for house demolition are as follows:

  • Interior demolition: It mainly involves demolishing the interior part of the structure and conserving the exterior part, mainly for renovation or remodeling projects. It involves the removal of pipes, ceiling, walls, and other such interior structures.
  • Selective demolition: Selective demolition is also referred to as strip-out demolition. It is gaining a lot of popularity these days, as it offers builders to recycle or reuse various building materials. When selective demolition is done, wood, metals, concrete, and bricks can be recycled. These materials can be used for new structures. It helps in developing a new project by using the old materials. The main purpose of this demolition is to use primary and secondary materials cost-effectively and safely. However, one thing you need to know is that this method is labor-intensive. 
  • Implosion demolition: It is one of the dramatic methods for house demolition. Implosion demolition is utilized for large structures. In this method, explosives are used for breaking the primary vertical support of the building or house mainly for large structures. Due to this, the building will collapse from inside out. For successful demolition, the placement of explosives and the sequence of detonation are very important. The blaster crew will first analyze the entire structural blueprint to know the main portion of the building. With this, they will get an idea if other areas require to be blasted with the main portion. After this, they will determine the kind of explosive to be used, the time of demolition, and the place where the explosive will be positioned.  
  • Mechanical demolition: It is a house demolition method wherein specialized mechanical tools and equipment are used. It comprises of a hydraulic excavator which is attached with specialized attachments that can help in effectively breaking of steel and concrete. Apart from this, small equipment such as demolition robots, machinery, and skid steers loaders are utilized for smaller demolition or selective demolition.
  • High reach arm demolition: House demolition with this method is performed when the building height is more than around 66 feet. In this method, the base machine like an excavator with a long demolition arm is used. The demolition tools like shears, hammer, or crusher are installed at the end of the arm for breaking the building from the top. With the help of the machine, large structures will be removed. Usually, high reach arm demolition is used for masonry, mixed material, and steel structures. It is one of the safe methods when compared to that of the wrecking ball demolition.

These are some of the common methods used for house demolition. In case you are looking forward to the demolition of your house or building, you must seek an expert opinion as to which method would be right for your needs.