Top 3 Buying Ideas to Consider Ergonomic Office Chairs

Office chairs must have ergonomic features to help avoid injury for the users. Back pain, arm strain and neck cramps can creep up over time when an incorrect chair is used. Here are a few ergonomic features you need to consider:

  • Adjustable lumber support: the lower back area has an inward curve, which can result in a hunched seating position. It puts strain on your back and can cause long-term injury if not looked after. Therefore, lumber support is required to provide adequate cushioning for this lower back region. Look for chairs that offer adjustable support. It allows the person sitting to change the set up based on their body type.
  • Ergonomic arm rests: arms can be placed on arm rests while typing to avoid straining the shoulders. Otherwise, when typing for long periods, shoulders can develop aches and pains and soreness. That’s not a long term strategy if you work daily in front of a computer. Ergonomic chairs help avoid these headaches so you can work uninterrupted for longer periods.
  • Comfortable back rest: choosing a wide and tall backrest is perfect for obtaining a seating positing that’s comfortable. Soft backrests are comfortable and give you the support required for long work sessions.
  • Adjustment: Full ergonomic mechanisms are ideal. Those that have gas height adjustment, with independent seat and back tilt, and back/lumbar height adjustment, mean you can get your chair in the perfect seating position, specific to your body type.
  • Height: the seat height needs to match up with your desk. Most office chairs have an adjustable height mechanism so this isn’t an issue. However, don’t sit too low or too high as that may cause aches and pains.

2. Build quality – how long will the office chair last?

Do you want to buy ergonomic office chairs that will last long past the purchase date? Then consider the build quality when buying. You could visit one of our showrooms if you want to inspect the chair before buying. Consider the way materials are put together. Are there any inconsistencies in the manufacturing of the chair?

The warranty period is another good indicator of what build quality you can expect. Manufacturers don’t hesitate to offer a long warranty period if they have faith and confidence in their product.

3. Design – do the visual aesthetics match your office?

Consider the look of the chairs you are interested in. Ideally, they will match the rest of your office furniture so there is consistency. That’s especially important if clients walk to your offices regularly for meetings.

We can give you guidance on the design that’s a good match for your interior décor and brand. Our range has enough selection to provide the right model for all types of buyers, and budgets.