The Best Style Tips For Wearing A Pendant Necklace

The Best Style Tips For Wearing A Pendant Necklace

Looking for new ways to upgrade your style without having to feel like you’re dressing up every day? Making any outfit that set off the look might feel like a tedious thing to do; you may feel very stressful while making your current wardrobe style look more fashionable, elegant, funky, or extravagant. If you’re frustrated with this, know that wearing a pendant necklace can help you achieve the style you wish for. 

A statement pendant necklace of Australia is like a cherry on a cake. You can pair it with a pair of jeans and a plain top, or as the final touch to a fancier look. Just like you wear mascara to highlight your eyes and make you stand out, a pendant necklace can match any outfit, if worn correctly. 

Here are some best style tips to rock a pendant necklace. 


Sometimes, the simplest style is the best, the one that you’ve been looking for. You do not always have to exaggerate on wearing jewellery. Casual is a classic approach to everyday fashion that you can’t go wrong with. But, you can run the risk of being a little too casual, which is a bit boring. With your lovely cabochons Australia pendant necklace, you can make sure this never happens. You can add a pendant necklace to your tight denim jeans with a plain t-shirt.  

While keeping it casual, make sure your outfit and the necklace complement each other. This is the easiest with a single colour. When you start getting into patterned shirts, make sure to focus on funky and more coloured stones. 


Most people will not agree with adding a pendant necklace to a business outfit. However, a pendant necklace is an elegant addition to a business outfit. Whether it is a sharp blazer or a perfectly cut professional dress, a pendant necklace can complement any business look. You have to be extra careful while wearing a pendant with a business outfit, as the wrong can completely turn down the look. You can add a minimalist pendant necklace or a stone choker to your outfit. It will amplify the normal office look. 


Speaking of having a style, make sure you do not leave your fashion sense at home when you have a big event to attend.  Be it a wedding, date, or a play at your child’s school. Whatever the occasion, check to put on your pendant necklace. This one accessory is not something you wear every single day, so make sure you wear at the event.  There are many options you can choose from. 

Choose an Australia pendant that is in the shape of something that represents you and your passion- like a seashell, flower, or cross. You can choose a layered necklace or chokers with natural inspired stone. Also, you can pull out a colourful pendant necklace from your jewellery box for this day. 


Styling a pendant necklace with other accessories can be a bit tricky. It’s one important thing to know when to pair a pendant necklace with any of the outfit. Here are the thumb rules you must know:

  • Leave the big earrings at home- if you are wearing a big pendant do not overdo it. This can take focus from pendant to earrings.
  • Turtlenecks and collar shirts work great with pendants.
  • For a more playful look, layer your pendant with other necklaces of different lengths to show your stylish flair.

To add it up, remember that it is also important to pick the right pendant necklace for your outfit. Be it agate jewellery Australia, or cabochon,  your entire look will depend upon the pendant necklace you choose. For the natural stone inspired pendant necklace, visit Earth Inspired Creations.