Shipping Container Toilets

Shipping Container Toilets

Shipping container toilets are large, portable toilet units that generally contain several stalls and toilets and can be placed where they are needed. These types of shipping container conversions are perfect for large events such as sport competitions or concerts. The 20 ft shipping container is most used to be converted into this useful temporary accessory building. 

There are several configurations that can installed into the shipping container.  You can have several toilets enclosed in smaller stalls, six will fit perfectly. On the opposite wall, sinks can be installed, and if it is a men’s room, urinals can also be installed on the opposite wall. The container can be one complete unit bathroom for women only or for men only. Another option is to place a divider in the center of the container to separate sides so that men and women each have a section in the one container. 

Once placed, these shipping container toilet installations need stairs and temporary stairs can also be added for easy access by the public. The complete unit can save time and provide facilities where they would not otherwise be available.  Since these units are temporary, there is no preparation work required before they are placed because they will eventually be moved to another location once they are not needed at the location they are shipped to. 

Where Would Shipping Container Toilets be used?

Since these units are completely mobile, they can be used in so many different places including: 

  • Construction sites
  • Rest stops
  • Golf courses
  • Campsites
  • Disaster relief temporary housing
  • Stadiums
  • Parking lots
  • Wedding receptions
  • Outdoor events 

You have the option of having the container delivered to your site already completed, or you can complete upon delivery. The better option is to have it already assembled, but that is totally your choice. Having your container delivered already completed is the best option because it is ready for use when it arrives on site. The uncompleted option includes everything already prefabricated, but you would have to assemble all the parts once you receive the container. Once the container is received prefabricated, it is ready to use immediately. 

What Benefits do Shipping Container Units Offer?

Shipping container bathrooms offer many benefits including the fact that they are durable. Shipping containers are designed to take a beating at sea and will withstand any elements that are thrown at them on your site. The less holes cut into the container, the better, because this will help to maintain the structural integrity and keep the unit strong.  Container bathroom units are durable but may need to be repainted in future when small rust spots begin to appear.

Container toilet buildings are ready when you need them. You can have your unit delivered, completely assembled and this saves time over having a new building constructed. Of course, container toilet units are very affordable when compared to traditional structures. The cost of the shipping container is much more affordable than traditional bricks and mortar buildings and you are doing your part to recycle an item that might otherwise not be used for another purpose. 

Toilets installed in shipping containers are highly portable and can be moved from one location to another when the need arises. These containers can be moved with trucks between locations. The convenience of having a unit pre-assembled and then delivered cannot be beaten. Container toilets mean that you will not have to hire a crew to build a bathroom unit for you because it will be preassembled off site. 

One of the most important decisions that you will have to make is to decide the configuration of your container toilet installation. You will need to decide if you want more than one stall inside and whether you want both men’s and women’s facilities in the same container.  Plumbing and air conditioning can be pre-installed and then the room layout can be installed after. 

Looking for Shipping Container Toilets – What to Look for 

When you start to shop around for shipping container toilets, you want to clarify a few things. First, are there extra delivery charges to obtain your building? Some companies offer free delivery, but they may build that delivery cost into the completed product, so make sure you clarify by asking what the delivery charge is. Consider the quality of the materials used for the container build. Superior builds utilize marine grade paints and galvanized steel, which is much more durable, so you will not have to worry about rust. Also determine the size of the container unit that you will need.  The larger the container, the higher the cost and the more it will cost you to have it delivered. 

What is the condition of the container that you are purchasing? Shipping containers that are ready for conversion into accessory buildings are never new. It is very important to find a suitable container in decent shape that is ready to receive the bathroom units that you want to have installed inside of it. 

What is the Estimated Length of Time for a Container Toilet Build? 

The general time for a container toilet build is between 20 and 40 days. The amount of time largely depends on the type of build you opt for. If you want a complete build out including flooring and everything already installed, it can take longer. Custom buildings with extra features will take much longer than basic ones. 

Some container builders ask you for a sketch, so they have an idea of what you want. You can submit your design and the builders will create a plan based on that and submit it to you for approval. If you are ready to get started on having your shipping container toilet constructed, get in touch with Tiger Containers to find out how they can help. They have plenty of experience in offering options that people are looking for.  Custom or basic, shipping container toilets are extremely convenient and offer something that is needed anywhere in the world that bathrooms are not readily and permanently available.