Sail The Amazing Sea Of Croatia

Sail The Amazing Sea Of Croatia
Sail The Amazing Sea Of Croatia

Picture the ice blue waters flowing with the wind beneath your yacht as you pierce through the shimmering waters of Croatia. As yours and fellow yachters gaze into the distance to the amazing horizon of the orange sun late in its day. This is only the beginning of your journey into Croatia, let's dive deeper and see what we should expect and when is the best time to experience Croatia on a yacht.

What is the best Sailing season in Croatia?

The best time according to the masses is April through June and September to October. During this time in Croatia, the seas are calm and the weather is mild. Primetime for amazing winds on the blue sea of the Meditteranean. During this time there are fewer crowds as well so those seas will not be too busy.

What is Yacht Week Croatia?

Yacht week originally started as a week that individuals or groups could book a memory-making week on the open waters of Croatia. It is now the same thing but in six different areas Croatia the original route, Greece the Athens route, Croatia the Ultra Festival Route, Montenegro the Adriatic Route, Croatia the Dubrovnik route, and the Caribbean the Bvi route.

As you can see from starting from only one location and now six this Yacht Week is something you should definitely check out. Yacht Week is not all-inclusive so you do have to bring your own food but as I said it can just be you hanging out with quite a few other Yacht enthusiasts or you can book a group of up to twelve that you can book with as well.

The online payment methods that the organization uses makes it quite easy to book your amazing week online. The week makes multiple stops so you can enjoy depending on the package that you choose, but guaranteed the entire week will be something for the history books at Yacht Week Croatia.

Why is sailing in Croatia the best?

In September on of the months that are amazing for Croatia sailing, you have thirteen hours of sunlight. With this sunlight, you can have a nice beautiful average temperature of 74 degrees Fahrenheit 23 degrees Celcius. So from seeing the pictures and knowing the amount of sun and temperature of the air, does that not sound like a sailing paradise? Yes, some people like the hot weather 90 degrees Fahrenheit while the sun beats down on you, but not here. Here the sun welcomes you to the beautiful waters of Croatia, and always welcomes a return.

Sailing Tips and Advice

Go in the offseason to miss the big cruise ships and if you only have a week try to go to Dubrovnik. The months April to June and September to October are the times you will miss the big crowds and the weather will still be amazing so you will still have a great time. Also, you will have an amazing time cruising by Dubrovnik and the terrific weather with horizons they have in store for you as well.