Roof Cleaning: Why It Shouldn’t Be Delayed Or Overlooked

Roof Cleaning: Why It Shouldn’t Be Delayed Or Overlooked

The exterior of your home is just as critical as the interior. Taking action to preserve and repair your home’s exterior would help improve your property’s value. But few homeowners consider roof cleaning services to be a significant maintenance measure.

Cleaning your roof will preserve your property’s look and elegance by removing stains, bacteria, and discolouration. Roof restoration services have a perfect ROI for your home by making a visible difference in the curb appeal. 

In addition to keeping your roof looking great, regular roof cleaning is essential for a range of other reasons, from proper drainage around your home to your family's health and safety. Let's further discuss this: 

Prevent algae, moss, and lichens from the roof 

You and your family are protected by the roof over your head from the weather, the elements, and nature in general. That means it's 24/7 exposed to all of those things, which, in turn, means that at some point dirt, water, leaves, plants, and more all find their way to the roof. 

The issue is that rain and snow will also make your roof look clean while dirt, moss, lichens, and algae exist all over the roof (especially on the side that gets less sun). 

Just because these things might seem invisible doesn't mean they're not a problem for you and your home. They can also cause aesthetic issues: these things can make your roof appear blotchy and stained with dark blue and green splotches on different parts of the roof and require immediate roof tile repairs in Melbourne. 

Preventing ice dam formation 

Ice dams are ice ridges that form on the edge of your roof during the winter. They can occur due to not cleaning the snow and debris off your roof after a snowfall or a storm. When the snow melts and runs off the roof, a large wall of ice known as an ice dam will freeze at the edge of the roof. This prevents water from draining off the roof, which eventually makes the issue worse over time. 

Roof cleaning in Melbourne and removing any snow and debris on it will avoid the formation of ice dams. This must be done very carefully, or hire a roofing professional for cleaning; delaying can lead to roof damage, gutter damage, or physical injury. 

Prevent shingle damage

Failure to clean your roof can damage the shingles, due to ice dams, falling debris, or algae/moss/lichen growth. Damaged or missing roof shingles can lead to serious roofing problems, including:

  • Development of the mould
  • Water damage to the roof and to the interior of your home
  • Model and/or fungal growth
  • Decreased energy efficiency; (increased power bills)

The damage to shingles during the winter is particularly harmful. Debris, snow, and ice can easily damage or remove shingles if they are not properly cleaned. This can allow water to sink into your roof, walls, and more, which calls for immediate roof leak repairs in Melbourne. 

Prevent wood damage 

Algae and moss, as well as ice dams and shingle damage, can lead to excess water in your roof.

This leads to increased risks of having a leaky roof, freezing water damage, and wood rot. Water coming into the wood of your roof and home will lead to significant rotting damage that can be very costly to fix. If the damage is severe, you will need to repair the roof. 

Getting rid of snow, debris, soil, and other natural factors will prolong the lifetime of your roof and reduce any possible damage to both your roof and house.

So get in touch with Roof Restoration Northern Suburbs for your roof cleaning requirements today!