Lighting Trends In Healthcare 2019

Health lighting trends and technology

Lighting Trends In Healthcare 2019
circadian rhythm

“Let nothing dim the light, that shines from within”

Ever came across such lines from anyone:

Light is everything, light is as vital as food intake, blah blah blah…

Well, they do not just scroll down statements. Instead, there is a lot to dig into the matter of illumination.

When one says light is everything, there is a deeper meaning beneath the sugar quoted statement. In actual, light does a lot in our daily lives. Considering life on planet earth, the globe rotates on its own axis around the sun throughout its rotatory period. Life on earth is highly impacted by the solar cycle-sunlight occupying the foremost impact, for all living beings. May it be a plant, an animal, or a human being, we all are born with an inborn 24-hours internal clock that is pre-set to run our lives as per the solar timings, circadian rhythm we call it!

Circadian Rhythm

Only if you don’t know what it is, the circadian rhythm is an internal 24-hours clock present in many living beings around. Human beings being the most prominent to have and function their everyday lives according to it. It regulates the successful physiological processing of human bodies in accordance with the solar timings. The purpose of such regulation is to control the sleep-wake cycle and productivity along with some other biological processes in our bodies.

Anyhow, whatever this circadian rhythm is there for, and whatever it has done or doing so far inside your body, you need to know that you are reading this in the last quarter of twenty-nineteen and you are the one who was totally an alien to this term until yesterday, do you really think that you have taken the right care? Well, not really!

Lighting for Health and Wellbeing

The world has been revolutionized at an angle of 360 degrees. Where once our lives use to start with a sunrise, today we tend to go to bed at that time.

In simpler words, a healthy lifestyle is just an outdated concept and we are now surviving with a 24 hours support of science and technology. No offense that it has blessed us with multiple incredible advancements which were once a dream only.

Back in 60’s when caveman had candle lights, science came up with lanterns and incandescent light bulbs which are now transformed into energy-efficient LED light bulbs holding two to three more modified phases in between. Regardless of what we had, the point is what we have NOW?

Lighting for health and wellbeing it is!

Talking about the lighting trends in 2019 and the future, the era is witnessing to have the healthiest lighting trends with the contemporary innovation of healthy light bulbs.

“For The Fact That Lighting Executes A Lot Of Cognitive Functions In Human Bodies, It Is Imperative For Our Health And Wellbeing”

The Blue Light

The blue light is one of the trendiest light to haunt lifestyle stores in 2019 and ahead of due to its unwavering health benefits. They are as follows:

  • The blue-enriched lights benefit human bodies by stimulating their alertness and performance with the high-intensity illumination that directly impacts your brain and circadian rhythm. This can be explained as: the high intensity of blue light accelerates the cortisol secretion in your brain that helps synchronizing the disturbed circadian rhythm and undo the shifts in the circadian clock/cycle.

Dim Lights

Dim lights are trending #2 when it comes to health and wellbeing lights in the year, 2019.

Dim lights benefit human bodies by bringing their sleep routines back to normal. Here, we are talking about impacts non-blue and dim lights imposed on your brain and circadian rhythm. Again, this can be explained as: the low intensity of blue lights accelerates the secretion of a hormone known as melatonin in human brains that allows the hypothalamus to command the brain to fall asleep.

Stress-Reducing Lights

Hands down to this incredible innovation of science: science has blessed mankind with stress-reducing lights. It would be fair to say that these lights are not new in the market but yes, they just gained wider popularity and appreciation around the globe.

These lights are the third trendiest considering the health benefits. Stress-reducing or anxiety-depleting lights are actually specialized blue lights that accelerates the process of relaxation 3 times more than a usual brightly lit white bulb does. Again, the science under the cover narrates the story of relaxation hormone secretion.


Greenlight is another trending light gaining wide exposure in the world of illumination. these lights have health benefits pertaining to skin issues. They are best to treat hyperpigmentation, red vessels, and brown spots/freckles and for this, it does two things:

  • It treats melanocytes, the cells responsible for the production of hormone melanin since such hyperpigmentation is due to its overproduction. These green light rays stream down to the epidermis, breaking extra clusters of melanocytes, for reducing the existing discoloration.
  • It also narrows down the small blood vessels to close them while accelerating the production of serotonin, a happy hormone in your body.

Additionally, the green light also makes your skin smooth, tight and glowing at the same time.

Mood-Boosting Lights

Mood-boosting lights are also trending these days. They are typically to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and antepartum and postpartum depression in females.

Circadian Rhythm Lights

Cheers to what everyone should get, the circadian rhythm lights. Last but not least, best of all, circadian rhythm lights are the trendiest of the year 2019. These lights have multiple health benefits initiating from harmonizing our sleep-wake cycle, it also holds significant benefits for our productivity and other health-related issues. typically, a circadian light is a customized light source that is capable to exert both, bright and dim light rays. For the fact that these lights are to regulate the phenomena of alertness and sleepiness, these lights benefit your health with three types of light rays( blue light, white light, dim light) that differ with respect to color and intensity.


Lighting is more important than you ever thought of it. Now, when science has blessed mankind with many different types of lights innovated for every emerging need, the world is talking about them and why not! After all, they are responsible for regulating many biological processes within our bodies. It is light that regulates your sleep-wake cycle and other aspects as productivity, energy level, and alike.