Light therapy for athletes

benefits of light therapy for athletes.

Light therapy for athletes
Light therapy for athletes
Light therapy for athletes

Since the time frame for injury recovery is decreasing with time, there is something to discover. Light therapy? Well yes.

There are multiple clinical evidences proving light therapies to be beneficial for athletes in a variety of ways. With advancements in every sector of life, science came to know that there are actually a few light rays that can provide multiple health benefits to every individual. Human bodies are naturally programmed to progress according to the solar lighting i.e., the natural rays of sunlight are responsible for regulating many of our important biological processes within the body along with sleep-wake cycle in correspondence with some hormones secretion.

Athletes’ wellbeing

Provided the fact that sunlight is vital for a human body, there are a few lights that can actually improve an athlete’s health and wellbeing.

It has been discovered that nowadays many athletes are actually using red light therapy and circadian rhythm lights to benefit their overall wellbeing. Being an athlete is not in any way an easier task to execute. It takes some hardcore efforts to be one. Now whether you are a pro of the field or just a weekend warrior, you have to undergo prolonged and strong workouts that ultimately grant you muscle soreness and fatigue as a byproduct to the mass you gain on your biceps. Moreover, inflammation and joint pain are also two other effects.

What is a red light?

Red light rays have always been praised for treating scars, acne, and even seasonal affective disorder and many anxiety symptoms. However, this is not where it stops, these rays are unstoppable for rendering unwavering benefits to humans out there and hence, and the futuristic approach is to aid athletic champions with it. Yes, that’s true.

Red light rays are now making the higher jump and proving to be one of the most productive sources to heal pain and muscle recovery and this is why many athletes are now taking joovv as a part of their routine workout.

A light spectrum consists of short gamma rays, longer radio waves, and visible light waves. The red light rays are believed to have a wavelength of 650 nanometers. Each color ray in the visible light spectrum imposes a distinct effect on the human body upon exposure. For instance, the blue and the violet light rays consist of shorter wavelength. Excess exposure to blue light rays emitting from any natural or artificial sources may lead to adverse health conditions. Whereas, the red light rays are capable of passing through human tissues for the purpose of restoring cellular functions. In other words, these red light rays are actually responsible building muscle tissues and plays a dominant role in training athletes.

How red light therapy repairs muscles

The red light rays don’t only has a potential to heal tissues and decrease pain, but these rays are also dominant when it comes to reducing inflammation. Here is how they are the healing source for all the athletes out there:

These red light rays accelerate the production of antioxidants along with the production of heat protein that aids in reducing the oxidative stress causing muscle fatigue and also plays a vital role in repairing and building the damaged muscles, respectively. Moreover, these rays are also responsible for reducing inflammation and protecting cells from excess damage.

Hence, red light rays are widely being used by athletes around the globe as the primary source to heal wounds and rebuilding the damaged muscles easily.  However, it is not done yet, there are some more benefits as well:

  • Healing acne
  • Fixing sun damage/tan
  • Treating scar, wrinkles, and scratches
  • Rebuilding muscles
  • Boosting performance
  • Quick wound healing
  • Reducing inflammation

Circadian rhythm lights for athletes

Circadian rhythm lights are also considered beneficial for athletes and are being widely used around the globe. They are basically to help athletes stay active throughout their course of training. Since they have to stay healthy for the sake of their profession, a daily exposure to circadian rhythm light in the morning helps them to stay alert at a significant level. Moreover, circadian lighting also benefits them ensuring a relaxed good night’s sleep. This is all done due to the fact that circadian rhythm lights are solely featured to harmonize a human being’s sleep-wake cycle by controlling the secretion of the hormone of melatonin and serotonin.


Living in the advanced world of 2019, light therapies are not bound to specialized health clinics only. Instead, now they are available to be used at homes and offices. The bottom line: light therapies can actually do wonders to one’s health and wellbeing. Hence, it is best to consider them as the first choice before going for any other sort of treatment.