Incredible Facts Of Areca Palm

Planting Areca palm tree is quite easy. Areca palm is comparatively fast-growing plants than other plants.

The Areca palm is also known as bamboo palmgolden cane palm, and Butterfly palm. It is widely grown in and around Madagascar. Its binomial name is Dypsis Lutescens. It is one of the species of flowering plant. Areca palm was once an endangered species. It grows 6 meters to 12 meters in height (20-39ft) and its fond arched 2m – 3m long with 40 – 60 pairs of leaflets. Their full lifespan is up to 10 years.



Where to plant:

Planting Areca palm tree is quite easy. Areca palm is comparatively fast-growing plants than other plants. The best place to plant a palm tree is an area with the area which receives partial sun and with good drainage. Cutting through any roots that grow in the circle can make roots grow quickly. The best time to plant palm is in spring after the last frost, so it can grow longer before chilly temperature arrives.



Air purifying plant:

Areca palm plants is one of the best pollutant absorbing plant in the world. It Absorbs harmful toxic gases like NO2, Formaldehyde, SO2 etc., Areca palm is a top Air purifying plant ranked by NASA’s study.



Areca palm growth depends on where we plant. It has two different growth If we plant areca plant in the ground it grows generally 6 – 12 meters in height many streams grows from the base and spreads 2 meters wide. If we plant, Areca plant in a pot its growth will be comparatively different.


Best Indoor plant:

Indoor pollution is one of the common pollutions which most of us not aware of. The most important and common causes of indoor air pollution are cooking and heating. A healthy way of living is not only by eating good foods it is also by clean sir around us to breathe. Areca palm tree Absorbs the pollutant and leaves us fresh air to breathe.


Requires less amount of water:

Areca needs a very less amount of amount to grow. Watering regularly after letting the soil mix dry, water regularly but limited. In summer and spring, wee need to water in a gap of 2 to 3 days. In winter and fall, it requires very less amount of water only between 2 or times a month.


Used as medicine:

Areca nut from the areca palm tree is also known as betel nut. It is used in Ayurvedic traditional Chinese medicine for purifying treatments. The nut is a mild stimulant that causes a sense of alertness. It has both sweet and spicy taste.