How To Wear Statement Necklaces


How To Wear Statement Necklaces

Adding a statement necklace to an outfit is a quick and easy method to transform its appearance dramatically. They have always made a difference in fashion because they can transform an outfit from drab to fantastic in an instant — but putting it all together takes a little expertise.

In this article, we will give you tips and tricks on how to wear the striking piece if you're going to work, date night, or a weekend with friends. Also, keep in mind the tips below for your next statement jewelry purchase. 

Coordinate Your Colors

With any accessory, but especially with striking statement necklaces, color coordination is essential. Because these pieces are so enormous, there's no doubting that they're an important part of your outfit. In fact, in many cases, statement necklaces are the first thing that people notice.

You must first consider what you intend to wear to coordinate your clothing. Determine whether the major hue of your dress or top is a warm or cool color. Fiery reds, oranges, and yellows are warm hues, while cool colors are typically marine blues and greens.

Different Style For Different Seasons

The time of year can help you figure out what kind of statement you want to make. On vacation in the summer, gold and bright colors can be a perfect addition to your summer outfit. Summer statement necklaces with turquoise and apatite stones are always popular, and they look great layered over attractive summer dresses.

A statement necklace has extra shimmer and sparkle in the winter, especially if you're going to a winter or Christmas party. In the winter, we like to wear darker hues, especially when the days are shorter, and a plain dress can be elevated with a crystal or glittering necklace, making your look suitable for the evening.

Turn Basic Work Outfit To A Brighter One

If you're a fashionista, you might feel restrained by what your job allows you to wear to work - after all, a button-down and pencil skirt can only be worn in so many different ways, right?

But don't throw away your classic business attire. A bold necklace may lend an edge to your outfit. While the shirt can be worn with the collar open, it looks best with the buttons all the way up. For even more diversity, layer a sweater and a button-down, then finish with a bold necklace.

Choose a necklace with no extra adornment and is entirely made of metal if you want to wear something more intricate. With a colorful business outfit, this sort of necklace will look smarter and neater.

Match Earrings With Statement Necklace

Choosing the proper earrings for your attire isn't as difficult as you would believe. It's all about proportion and having a fundamental awareness of colors. If you're wearing a statement necklace, it's not a good idea to pair it with big statement earrings. You can either wear stunning stud heart earrings or a diamond necklace.

When selecting statement earrings for your ears, think about if they will frame your face and highlight your features. Statement earrings are stunning, one-of-a-kind, and extravagant, making them impossible to overlook. When choosing statement earrings for your little black dress or evening gown, look for gemstone or diamond earrings to instantly boost goddess elegance.

When deciding on the point of view, consider the earrings' length, color, and design. When you wear large statement earrings, you can make them work for you by pulling back your hair. Remember to keep your other jewelry proportional and subtle if you're wearing it with your statement piece. 

Brighten A Black On Black Outfit

If you prefer a neat and classy look with your black-on-black outfits but want to add some jewelry for a difference, then a silver or golden staple necklace would undoubtedly refresh your normal and lazy all-black style.

Wearing all-black clothing has a mysterious quality to it, but whether you're going to work, school, meetings, the weekend, or a special occasion, it's always wonderful to add a distinctive feature to spice it up a little.

Add a rhinestone-encrusted statement necklace to your attire and mix it with a great black leather jacket for a chic yet urban look. Many various types of statement necklaces can be worn with your everyday casual clothing. For a classy touch, consider a dazzling detailed necklace or a sumptuous looking vintage-inspired necklace.


Statement necklaces are the way to go if you're searching for a stylish approach to change your outfit without breaking the bank. They may be worn with practically any outfit, from formal gowns to graphic tees, to add style and color. To add a wow factor to your everyday wardrobe, simply follow these ideas on how to wear unique necklaces.

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