How to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter?

How to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter?

Winter is around, and it's time to crank up the heat. This winter, a lot of Australians will be planning to install a reverse cycle air conditioning or heaters to keep their homes warm. But, what if we tell you that your roofs with little changes can keep your home warm and help you save on heating systems. 

While Australia isn't very cold, its southern states are known to snow and for temperatures to nosedive in winter months. Melbourne, located in the Southeastern part of Australia, experiences severe temperatures. Thus, we have come up with some of the roof restoration Melbourne ideas that help keep your home warm, naturally.

We have listed some ways to keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter season.

  • Insulating your ceiling

The recent homes in Australia are possibly well insulated. The reason behind it is the Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements that are mandatory for new homes. But, if your home is relatively old or lacks the necessary insulation, you need to hire an expert local roof and construction company who can help you insulate your ceiling. This is a more effective and efficient way to improve the thermal performance of a residential building. The thermal performance here refers to the way your structure responds to the external environment. 

  •  Use Insulation type that is suitable for your area.

It's not just about having insulation; it's about having the right type of insulation. It is often possible that you have the right kind of insulation for your home and the area, but it might require a check. 

Installing your home with the correct R-value helps keep your home warm. R-value is generally referred to as the ability of an insulating material to withstand the heat flow. The higher the R-value, indicates the more excellent capability of the insulating material to resist the flow of heat. If you want to get your roof's R-value determined or to get roof repairs Croydon, consult a team of experts. 

  • Roof Ventilation

A good ventilated roof has round the year benefits. As for in summers, a sound ventilation system keeps your roof space cooler by removing hot air from the ceiling. However, in winters, it does the right opposite by taking the moisture out of the air. 

The main motive behind proper roof ventilation is to enhance air circulation. When air is heated and trapped within your home, it forms small moisture pockets at places like the loft and in the walls.   

During winters, when outdoor air is cooler compared to the indoors, moisture builds up more rapidly. This causes condensation along the roof, outer wall and in the supporting studs. It helps in prevention in the formation of mildew and mould on the roofs. An increased amount of humidity makes it harder to keep the home warm and thus can be relaxed through the right ventilation. 

Ventilation is an option that one must consider and for further details, refer to roofers who are experts in roof restoration