How to identify the most suitable natural stone supplier

Judging natural stone suppliers based on these parameters will help take a wise call as to which supplier one must finalize and buying natural stones from.

How to identify the most suitable natural stone supplier
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In a highly competitive natural stone market, every second natural stone supplier you run into claims to be the best in the business in terms of supplying best quality natural stone products at the most competitive rates. This is far from what the truth is. All of them are not qualified to proclaim themselves as the most highly rated suppliers supplying the best quality products that are used across the world. Facts can be fabricated. This leaves buyers in a dilemma. How does one find out who the best natural stone supplier within that vicinity is?

Given below are a few parameters based on which this can be found out.

  • Ask for samples: Always be in touch with multiple natural stone suppliers at one time when you are finalizing one for your design or renovation project. Ask each of them for samples of Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Granite etc. Compare those samples. If you have been paving your outdoors with natural stones for a long time, you will not struggle to find out which sample offers a better quality.
  • Compare their rates: Once you ask for samples, the next obvious thing to do is ask them for a quotation. If the rates are almost the same, then choose based on quality. But if some supplier is pricing his stones exorbitantly whereas the other one is pricing it reasonably, then you are wise enough to know what the right thing is. A price comparison always helps in choosing a natural stone supplier that would suit your project most.
  • Find out the reputation that the supplier enjoys in the market: He may be successful. He may supply good products. He may even price them competitively. But if he is not proactive to deliver them on time and hardy bothers to ask you whether you found his material useful for his project or not, then he is doing little to make your project better. Moreover, Google and other Review sites can be helpful in knowing how well the supplier is rated in the market which can also be helpful during the decision-making process.
  • Ask whether he will refund your money in case you are unhappy: If he does not, you may want to rethink. Once you make the payment and the material is delivered, if it turns out to be something below your expectations, you have every right to ask for a refund. If not a refund, then at least the supplier should be courteous enough to replace it with another shipment. Whatever the case is, you better work it out with him.
  • Call up his clients and ask questions: Past clients always help know the real story. Calling a couple of them up and asking for feedback can help you come out of this conundrum and choose your supplier wisely.

Whether you are buying your Natural Stone in Sydney or anywhere else in the world, these parameters will help judge suppliers correctly. Get your judgement right.