How to Eliminate Silverfish & Prevent them from Returning?

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How to Eliminate Silverfish & Prevent them from Returning?

While referring to pests in Melbourne, the most common types are cockroaches, rodents, and ants but never does the name ‘silverfish’ pop up. Most pests, like the earthworm are seasonal and only show up during the rainy seasons, however, this isn't the same case with silverfish.

Did you know? Silverfish are all-year-round pests!? Yes, you heard right. Due to this reason, it is necessary to check for any signs of silverfish all through the year, especially if your home provides the right place, temperature and conditions, there is a possibility of your property being constantly infested.

What are Silverfish?

Silverfish are also referred to as ‘Silvermoths’. They come in various colours and have antennas and prongs on their tails. They are known to breed rapidly, therefore if you spot one, there surely are many more hidden away in different places.

Silverfish are attracted to starch and moisture, they love dark and damp places which are why a common place to spot them, is your bathroom drain, your kitchen sink, and your shower drain. They do not pose any harm to human beings nor do they damage your property like moths, however, they still are a nuisance and need to be controlled and eliminated.

Signs That Indicate an Infestation:

The signs of an infestation completely depend upon the size of the colony. If there are silverfish in your drains, you will spot their tiny specks of droppings that appear like pepper, in the bathroom as well as near the kitchen sink area.

However, if the infestation is too small, there is a possibility that you may not spot it. If you find discarded shells, after examining it, you will soon realise that they belong to a silverfish. Last, but not least, if you notice a live silverfish, be sure that there already are plenty more.

How to Eliminate Them from Your Drains?

Once you are certain that your property is infested with silverfish, it is essential to act fast and take the right measures to eliminate these pests with a pest control company. Since these pests are entering through your drains, it goes without a doubt that your drainage pipes are broken or leaking.

Fixing your drainage pipes and regularly checking in on your drains will not only spare you the hassle of maintenance but will also prevent any silverfish from entering or returning.

You could either use a pest control trap purchased from any local home improvement shop in Melbourne or you could make your own control trap by placing sticky tapes to your pipes. Once the silverfish is caught and dies, it is necessary to dispose of the sticky tape at once and replace it with a new one.

You even use a commercial pest control insecticide and spray it around your drains and pipes along with the cracks and crevices. However, before you spray the pest control insecticide, ensure the surface isn’t damp or wet; otherwise it might turn into a paste which they will avoid.

Applying diatomaceous earth around the drains is also an effective way of pest control. Once the silverfish comes in contact with the diatomaceous earth, it loses its wax coating, gets dehydrated and dies.

How to Prevent Them from Returning?

After you have successfully eliminated the silverfish that infested your kitchen drainage systems, it is essential to keep it that way. Your property can only be pest-free if you continue to take the necessary precautionary pest control measures.

A Few Precautionary Measures are;

  1. Dehumidifying Your Property: Reduce the humidity in your home by using a dehumidifier. If your property isn’t humid anymore they will stop coming back and infesting your home.
  2. Seal All Cracks: It is important to seal all your cracks and crevices near your drains with caulk to control and prevent them from returning or hiding.
  3. Avoid Leaving Food out in the Open: They love food, the more food you leave out, the more cluttered it gets, making it that much more difficult to control the problem. Eliminate any food lying around, especially food containing starch as silverfish love starchy food products.
  4. Avoid Storing Paper Bags and Cardboard Boxes: Using cardboard boxes or paper bags to store your excess items in the attic, only attracts more silverfish and adds to their list of places and spots to hide and infest. Substitute cardboard boxes and paper bags with plastic bags and plastic wrappers.
  5. Check Your Wallpaper: Peeling or moist wallpapers are loved by silverfish as it provides them with more places and spots to hide and infest while being snuggled away with the moisture present. It is essential to check your wallpaper regularly for any hiding spots or infestation. 

Leave It to the Professionals:

Although silverfish do not pose a threat to humans, nor do they carry harmful diseases with them or damage your property, they still can be a nuisance to find in every drain and requires pest control.

If you notice that the amount of silverfish infestation in your kitchen drainage place has increased or they start showing up frequently, then it is best to leave it to the experts to control the infestation using the right and efficient silverfish pest control treatment and equipment to completely rid your drainage systems of their presence.

In conclusion, silverfish might not be as problematic as other pests like rodents, however, you’re still required to rid your home of any type of pests that could chase away your guests or leave a bad impression on your visitors.

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