Guide to different moving services

When you know all the different moving services that moving companies offer, you will have no problems picking the right ones for your relocation. Here is a complete guide of what moving agencies offer.

Guide to different moving services

If you’re a newbie in the world of moving services, you might be puzzled by all the services moving companies offer. If you know all the options you have at your disposal, you’ll be able to pick the right ones for your move. And getting good moving services will ensure you receive appropriate help. This means an easy and smooth relocation with no money wasted on unnecessary items and assistance. That's why we created a simple yet informative guide on different moving services – everything you need to know so you can hire the best moving company.

Residential moves

If you need to relocate your home, you need to look for a company that provides residential moving services. These moving teams specialize in relocating small and big households, and they are relatively easy to find. Residential companies deal with common household items and will protect your furniture, electronics, and appliances adequately. These teams are the best solution if you’re moving with a family, so you can focus on dealing with other tasks rather than packing and loading the moving truck. However, not all residential moving companies offer the same services. Their range depends on the moving distance. And that’s why we come to the three subcategories of residential relocations.

Moving your family to a new house is a huge step, and moving pros can help you out with it.

Local moves

Moving locally usually means moving within the same city or the borders of your state. These services apply to moves involving up to 100 miles between an old and a new house. Companies charge by the hour for them. Depending on the size of the move, you would have to hire one, two, or more movers and pay per hour per mover. Hiring a company for a local move shouldn’t be difficult. However, always pick a safe option and a reliable moving agency with a lot of experience in your area. Pro Movers Miami will relocate you safely in Florida, but be sure to research good moving companies when moving to some other state.

Long-distance moves

If moving to another state, you should hire a company that provides long-distance moving services. This time, moving estimates are calculated differently. The crucial factors are the distance to your new home as well as the weight of your belongings. Long-distance moves require even more extensive research on professional moving companies. Read reviews, check the USDOT number, and compare a couple of options before you pick the best deal. A professional moving team should deliver your items safely, despite the long-distance, weather changes, etc.

International moves

Moving to another country or continent requires you to find international moving services. As this can be the most complicated type of move, picking an experienced company is a must. You can choose air or sea shipping while thinking about various rules and restrictions that apply when goods enter a foreign country. A moving pro should be able to help you with everything and deal with your belongings in the safest way possible.

International relocations are exciting but scary - let an appropriate relocation pro assist you with it.

Military moves

Military relocations or PCSs are very common in the US. Families that include army members usually have to relocate very often. These families need a particular type of professional to handle their items during relocations. That’s why if you are part of such a family, be sure to have a moving pro that specializes in military moves deal with your items and relocate them to your new home.

Commercial moves

Another more complicated and also more expensive type of moving service is relocating a business to a new address. These moves require more planning and professional moving teams because they will be moving a particular kind of items. If your business includes different machines, electronics, vehicles, etc., you need to consider commercial moving services. Again, entrust an experienced professional with your business items.

Government moves

When talking about different moving services, we can’t forget to mention government moving. Important documents, expensive equipment, and government personnel require to be handled by the best professionals exclusively. That’s why hiring government movers is necessary for extra safety. This type of move is more special than any other commercial and residential relocation and needs to be handled properly.

Specialty moving services

Regular residential moving services are required with everyday household objects. However, if your household includes a particular item that needs extra care – specialty moving services are a must. Even though these are more expensive, specialty moving teams will pay special attention to packing and relocating items such as musical instruments, artwork, antiques, wine collections, etc. It’s a much safer and more affordable option than damaging and trying to replace a valuable item you love.

Different items require different moving services - take care of your fragile valuables properly.

Choosing the best option for your move

Apart from all these different moving services, you can also choose the extent of them. Let’s clarify - you can hire a moving company for a full relocation – which means you don’t need to worry about a thing, and you practically won't need to lift a finger. Next is partial moving – hire a moving team for a specific task, and you handle all the rest. When it comes to delivering the items to a new address, you also have a choice. You can either hire a mover to drive the truck for you or rent a moving truck and drive to your new home on your own. All of these will solely depend on your needs, budget, and other factors. Therefore, be sure to plan and estimate your move before you pick the best deal. Knowing what you need from a moving professional will make it much easier to hire them and get the job done. Have a safe move!