Funeral directors in Dandenong: Caring for the dead regardless of the community you belong to

Funeral directors in Dandenong: Caring for the dead regardless of the community you belong to

Here are some ways you can be comforted by funeral directors in Dandenong, especially if the deceased belongs to a minority community.

LGBTQ-friendly funeral directors

There has been an abundance of research carried out that finds that when planning a funeral, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or trans individuals expect to face barriers related to identity. LGBTQ-friendly funeral directors are doing everything possible to help change this and actively do everything they can for each of their clients, LGBTQ and otherwise, to reduce any barriers to funeral arrangements.

Though there is absolutely no difference in the practicalities of losing a loved one, for funeral arrangements, there may be individual considerations you want to understand; for example, before passing away, the deceased may not have been out of the closet to reveal his or her orientation, or the use of preferred pronouns.

LGBTQ-friendly funeral directors will work with you to ensure that a fitting send-off is given to your loved one.

They can offer quiet, meaningful LGBTQ funerals in accordance with wishes, more extravagant goodbyes, and everything in between. They can help arrange a send-off to represent the life and beliefs of the deceased, from religious and traditional, to non-religious and non-traditional.

Are millennials the ideal funeral director and owners for funeral homes?

Millennials these days have entered the funeral industry and also become funeral directors. It is important to consider the millennial effect on the funeral industry as they are changing the idea of funerals as we know it. They want a unique, personalised funeral service for their loved ones. Creating custom decorations, such as a flower photo wreath, can add a more personal, long-lasting impact. Now, caskets are even decorated in the favourite colours of the deceased or shaped like a car or a fish to incorporate their hobbies and interests.

Women funeral directors are changing the face of the industry

Funeral service is in the midst of a gender perspective as young women join the workforce and break down the barriers of a predominantly male-dominated occupation.

While some research considers women's inclusion in traditionally male-dominated employment to be an 'undoing' of the gender structure, other researchers claim that women's participation in non-traditional positions can still sustain hegemonic masculinity. Because women have recently joined the funeral industry in unprecedented numbers, the profession provides a unique context for how women negotiate a sense of identity in male-dominated fields.

The same attributes that held women out of funeral service in the past – empathy, intuition, and being in contact with emotions – have now become advantages in a sensitive industry. Many families feel more comfortable opening up to a female funeral director, as well as getting warmth and support from a woman.

African community funeral directors: From the dark ages to date.

For those in the African community, funeral services and expressions of mourning incorporate the theme of remembrance rather than the grim feelings associated with death in other cultural settings. This mentality emerged from the time of slavery when most slave owners did not allow slaves to meet for funerals. In this bleak time, death was also seen as liberation and a cause to rejoice in the midst of grief. Many assumed that the spirit of the deceased had returned to their African homeland. From this originated the idea of Homegoing, which persists today, even though it is now seen as a soul entering heaven or joining ancestry. After the abolition of slavery, the newly liberated slaves could freely assemble to mourn their dead, and the ability to mourn their loved ones became a significant time in their society. Extravagant celebrations of the deceased 's life have become popular, including music and dance, helping to drive the growth of the Jazz Funeral in the present day.

This article has described the so-called 'minority community' as equal stake-holders in the funeral industry and for all the right reasons. If you are looking for funeral directors in Fawkner, then get in touch with Redwood Funerals today.