Everything You Need To Know About Leaf Gutter Guards

Everything You Need To Know About Leaf Gutter Guards

The leaf gutter guards help in rainwater drainage and not installing them in your home makes the water reach the foundation. Moreover, without gutter guards, the area around your home becomes susceptible to erosion due to rainwater accumulation. However, the gutters become blocked quickly when debris and leaves build up on it and do not allow the water to pass through it. Every homeowner should prioritise gutter maintenance for which the leaf guard is essential. The leaf guard allows the water to pass through the gutters and prevents leaves and other solid objects from stopping the flow.

Every homeowner spending money for roof restoration Melbourne should also focus on the maintenance of gutter and install the leaf guards to let the water move through it. Here are a few reasons to install leaf gutter guards.

  • Reduces the stress of cleaning gutters frequently

You should clean uncovered gutters every year, but leaf guards can reduce this interval to three to five years. Therefore, installation of leaf guards saves the stress of cleaning gutters, time, and the cost of hiring labour for the cleaning work.

  • Prevention of decay and rust

Due to the accumulation of solid objects and wet debris on the gutter, it tends to develop rust and weaken faster. With leaf guards, homeowners can prevent the tendency of rust or rot on the gutter. Often, the weight of wet vegetation bends the gutters, but leaf guards can prevent the gutter from becoming deformed.

  • Prevents overflow of water during rain or storm

When gutters become clogged due to leaves and other debris, they cannot divert the rainwater water away, which creates water pools along the foundation of your home. Besides, water pools can also damage the basement, and too much water attracts insects and wasps. However, installing the leaf guard allows the gutter to do its work of rainwater drainage and keeps the foundation of your home intact. The best option is to install a roof gutter guard during roof repairs and prevent additional expenses for installation of gutter.

Types of gutter guards

With so many different types of leaf gutter guards, making the right choice becomes overwhelming. Here is what you need to know about different types of leaf gutter guards.

  • Foam guards 

Foam guards are not expensive and allow homeowners to complete the installation task by themselves. However, foam guards require extensive maintenance and need replacement as they are prone to clogging and weathering. They can obstruct large debris but attracts plant and mould growth which necessitates regular cleaning.

  • Mesh panels

People looking forward to installing leaf guards can choose mesh panels as experts can attach them directly to the roof during roof restoration. The mesh structure can guard the gutter from leaves and other debris.

  • Aluminium sheets

The aluminium sheets with holes is another type of leaf guard that aids in draining large amounts of water and blocks leaves and other solid objects.

Things to note before installation

The following are a few things to note before the installation of gutter guards.

  • The leaf gutter guard should suit the roofing material and pitch.
  • Checking the expertise of the installer is essential to get the highest quality of service.
  • The gutter guards are available in different types and finishes, but you need to choose an option that meets your requirements and suits the budget.

With this information, you should be able to make calculated decisions about installing a leaf gutter guard and enhance the life span of the gutter.