Easiest Way To Download Instagram Videos And Stories In Android

Are you looking for Instagram video downloader application to download insta videos online. Here is the best app to download Instagram videos online powered by jameinfotech. Download app now!

Easiest Way To Download Instagram Videos And Stories In Android

The world is on Instagram and so are we and if you are one among us then this read will definitely be very useful for you. Time and again Instagram has proved that it is not just another social media site where people all across the globe connect with each other through text messages, but it is way beyond that.  Instagram came up with a “post” feature where users can upload images and videos, be it short or long.  People nowadays spend most of their leisure scrolling past this content, this abundance of supply of creative content is aptly met by equal consumption of the same. Having said that, we have often had some instances where we felt the need to save Instagram videos and Instagram stories to ensure our uninterrupted supply of entertainment because albeit Instagram has taken care of the entertainment front by providing the “save” option, but it works only partially. One needs to be online if one has to view even the saved posts and re-posting doesn’t even come in the question. So before you start storming your brain, allow us to tell you that we have already found a way out. The best way to download Instagram videos and Instagram stories is by making Instagram video download application powered by jameinfotech your one-stop solution for everything download. With its amazing UI and simplest processes, it makes your working a cakewalk and its efficiency will have you spellbound.

This easy and quick to download the app can be easily found in Google Playstore and upon downloading it, follow these steps to get a hang of the process.

  • Open the downloaded app and login into your Instagram account.
  • On Instagram, navigate to the video you wish to download and copy its link.
  • Back to the app, switch to the “Instagram post” tab by swiping right.
  • Click on the flashing download sign and paste the link where it asks you to and click “download”.
  • On the next page click on the “down arrow” to complete the save.
  • For Instagram stories, switch the tab to “Instagram stories” and the list of usernames will appear, choose the one whose stories you want to download.
  • List of all the stories will appear (if they have uploaded more than one) and click on the “down arrow” of the story you wish to save.
  • Head onto the “how to use” section for more help.

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