The Latest Addiction Among Australians - Binge Drinking

Binge drinking afraid more dangerous than everyday casual drinking that calls for drinking in a social setting.

An Introduction to Binge Drinking

Consuming alcohol is a part of Australian culture. About 62% of Australians consume alcohol at the very least - once a week. But there’s a truckload of difference between having a drink once a week and binge drinking. Binge drinking is a severe condition, and it has scores of consequences as it affects health and personal as well as community life. If you know of anyone that you believe is affected by the symptoms of binge drinking, alcohol and drug rehab on the gold coast serves as an excellent place to send your loved ones. 


What is binge drinking? 

Binge drinking is also known as alcohol intoxication disorder, and over the years, the definition has had several changes. However, The Australian Bureau of Statistics has defined binge drinking as - the point where men consume more than seven drinks in a night, and that threshold is lower for women by 2. The even newer definition states that a person is binge drinking when they have had more than four drinks per night of the standard size.

Also, what defines a standard drink, not all cans are called a standard size drink. The standard size of a drink is defined by the strength of the beer. It could be that one and a half a can of the drink make a standard drink. At the same time, 1.8 cups of wine are classified as one standard size of the drink. If you go by the sizing of a can, it is very hard to determine what a standard size drink is.


The Australian Stats on Drinking

Looking solely at middle-aged and those older than that age - beer is consumed by 46% of those who consume alcohol. Wine stands at a total of 31% and spirits for the other 20%.

While looking at the younger consumers of alcohol, the youth consume - 58% choose to consume beer, 26% just consume any pre-mixed drinks, 8% of those drink wine, and 16% different spirits. But of those young binge drinkers - 59% drank beer, 51% drank pre-mixed drinks, and 46% drink spirits, whereas 2% consume wine. 

When it comes to the trends pertaining to binge drinking - it’s been ever-changing, and these statistics go onto prove that among those binge drinking, beer and wine consumption have gone down, and more and more people prefer drinking pre-mixed drinks. The percentage has risen by 32%. 


Why do individuals choose to binge drink?

There are many complex reasons why individuals binge drink. Some use it as a means to escape the reality and depth of the problems they face, forget the crippling problems of their crumbling relationships. Whereas some others resolve to binge drink for fun, lose their inhibitions, and have the ability or willingness to loosen up and do some silly things. Some just want to stop stressing over their lives or to enhance their confidence.

Apart from all these reasons, the one explanation that people don’t accept upfront is the compulsion of drinking arrives from society’s culture of embracing alcohol consumption. 

So many different research has gone into showing that the community’s views on alcohol consumption often determine the level of alcohol consumed by that particular community.  


The Consequences of Binge Drinking

These are the consequences of binge drinking in the short term:

  • Non-stop headaches

  • Feeling unsteady and unable to stand

  • Being in a state of hangovers

  • Often having blurry details and forgetting things


Apart from these symptoms, people also experience: 

  • Assaults - by them and on them

  • Sometimes, it results in unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections

  • Binge drinking triggers many car accidents that involve multiple vehicles or involvement of pedestrians

  • Often some people also drown 

  • It even results in deaths after prolonged binge drinking 

  • Some of the binge drinkers end up losing friends as a result of inappropriate actions committed during their drinking phase

Data shows that in Australia, more than 60,000 binge drinkers have shown at hospitals after some form of accident pertaining to their deranged habit of binge drinking. 

Binge drinking afraid more dangerous than everyday casual drinking that calls for drinking in a social setting. Drug Rehabs in Gold Coast is one of the really good rehabilitation centers that has professionally qualified and capable psychologists that help one identify the triggers that pertain to one’s habit of binge drinking. They address this issue and take it very seriously, looking out for cures and helping one attain an alternative lifestyle habit that disables the habit of binge drinking on the whole.